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How to make Notion app open a recent page by default

1. Add to Favorites your recent project or page.
2. Open the url of your main Notion workspace, and it will redirect to the most recent Favorite.

Notion app – the task

▸ Notion app is my primary workspace. I have moved most of my projects, big and small, here. The problem is the more stuff you have, the harder it is to find the most important one.

▸ I have several Notion pages bookmarked in my browser. The bookmark folder is getting longer and longer, and I no longer save time trying to find the right bookmark.

▸ The thing is that the most important project is the one that you are currently working on. It’s the project you come back to several times. You can add another bookmark to your already crowded bookmark folder – or you can use a neat but little known feature Notion has for a long time (which I have discovered recently).

▸ When you open the url address of your Notion workspace, let’s say it’s, the web app will not show you a 1st-level list of projects (Favorites/Shared/Private) but default to the page that has been added to Favorites as the last one.

How to make Notion app open recent page by default

1. Open Notion web page (you can do if from any bookmark you have in your browser) and start a new page.

2. Add that new page to Favorites. Today, it’s your most important project, right? The page will appear at the top of Favorites folder in the sidebar.

Make Notion app open last used page by default
Add a page to Favorites, and it will be the first to see when you open the url address of your main Notion workspace

3. There is no need to bookmark this page in your browser. Simply, enter Notion via the main url address of your workspace, let’s say it’s

4. You can also edit one of your current Notion bookmarks – remove everything that’s after myworkspace and save the bookmark.

From now on, when you open, or the bookmark with that url, you will be redirected to your last Favorite page.

If you want any of your older Favorites to be the default one, simply remove it from the Favorites and add it back. It will appear at the top of the Favorites section – and it means it will become your default Notion page.

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