How to get a Mastodon verification: one thing to do, and one thing to remember

Getting a Mastodon verification can be done in seconds, but you have to save your profile again for the verification to complete.

It takes around 30 seconds to get your domain verified on Mastodon. It’s surprising why so many users still don’t have it.

How to get a Mastodon verification? If you already have the link to your Mastodon profile on your blog, all you need to do is place rel="me" inside this link. 

But this will not cause the verified profile checkmark to appear in your Mastodon profile.

You will need to head back to Mastodon, and simply edit your profile again. You don’t have to change anything in the settings. It’s not about changing anything but saving the profile. It will trigger Mastodon to look for the rel="me" inside the Mastodon link on your blog. If it’s found, the mark will appear immediately after the saving is complete.

The best thing is that you don’t need to have the Mastodon link on every single page of your blog. One link that includes rel="me" on the home page is enough. There is no need to place the link in a footer, sidebar, or navigation menu.

Mastodon verification – things to know

The Mastodon verification may sound similarly complex as verification setups from other services, like Pinterest, Google, or Facebook. Therefore, you may be discouraged to getting a verification. You shouldn’t.

▸ You don’t need access to the root directory of your blog or edit your theme files.

▸ If you are a WordPress user, you don’t need to go to ToolsTrafficSite verification services to place your code here (see below – there is not even an option to add a Mastodon verification code).

▸ All you need is to place the link to your Mastodon profile somewhere on a home page of your blog or website, and make sure it includes rel="me".

▸ Once it’s done, go back to Mastodon and edit your profile – just to save it again. You can save your profile on the web, but also in a mobile Mastodon app. I’ve tried both variants. I was also successful in doing so in the Ivory app.

▸ When you notice you’ve lost your verified profile checkmark, you should start from saving your profile again. It may solve the problem instantly.

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