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Weather widget on iPad – how to change location

• There is no native Weather app for iPad, so there is no way to add multiple locations to check weather.
• However, you can easily change the location displayed in the widget.

Weather widget and app for iPad – highlights

▸ Opposite to iPhone, Apple doesn’t offer a default Weather app for iPad.

▸ When you tap the Weather widget in the home screen, it will not open the app (which doesn’t exist) but The Weather Channel webpage in Safari – the service which provides data for Apple weather apps and widgets.

▸ Checking weather on the iPad is pretty limited, unless you decide to download one of the third-party weather apps from the App Store. Be careful, some of them are paid.

▸ However, for basic needs, you can improve the Weather widget – especially that it displays the data in a much improved way, similar to the Weather app for iPhone’s iOS 15.

Weather widget iPad vs Weather app iPhone
Weather widget for iPad (left) vs Weather app for iPhone (right)

▸ The first thing you can do it change the widget size to the largest one. It will include the current weather, the today’s temperature and conditions, as well as the forecast for the next five days.

▸ The only thing to manage is the location the weather should be displayed for. You can easily change it, but keep in mind that only one location can be used at a time – there is no way to swipe through added locations like in the iPhone Weather app.

How to change location in Weather widget for iPad

1. Open your iPad and long tap the Weather widget – tap the widget and keep it pressed until a small drop-down menu appears.

Weather widget iPad - how to edit location

2. Tap “Edit Widget” option. You will see a field named “Location.” Tap the right side of the field, where you can see the text “My Location” or the name of a city.

Manage location in Weather for iPad

3. You will see a list of locations based on how you have been using the Widget in the past. If you select “My Location,” the widget will display the weather for the place your iPad is currently located at.

“My Location” will be seen only if you allowed Weather to access your location in Settings app » Privacy » Location Services.

4. If you want to add a custom place, simply type its name in the search box, and select the correct location from a drop-down list.

Add location in Weather widget iPad

5. Tap anywhere else on the display to dismiss editing of the Weather widget.

Unfortunately, the custom place will not be added to the list of quick locations. I have been trying to do it several times, with no success. You will have to search for the place again and again.

It looks like only the locations picked from the Location Services will appear on a quick access list in “Edit Widget” settings.

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