Weather app and widget for iPad – things to know

Weather widget iPad

• Every time you tap the Weather widget on the iPad, you get redirected to The Weather Channel webpage in Safari.
• It’s because there is no native Weather app for iPad.

iOS 15 brings to the iPhone a completely redesigned Weather app. The app presents the weather data in the most stunning way I have ever seen, with dedicated widgets, now including wind, UV index, and visibility, among others.

I especially like the clever temperature bars that show both the lowest and highest temperature and weather conditions (using the color of the bar – if it’s sunny, the bar changes to yellow).

Have you tried to bring that brand-new experience to the iPad? Confused not to see the app opening after you have tapped the Weather widget?

There are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Things to know about “Weather app for iPad”

▸ When you see the Weather widget, you assume there is also an app, especially that the widget looks exactly the same as the widget on the iPhone.

Weather widget iPad vs Weather app iPhone
Weather widget for iPad (left) vs Weather app for iPhone (right)

▸ Let’s make one thing clear: iPad comes with a Weather widget, but not a Weather app. Again: there is no native Weather app for iPad.

▸ As a result, when you tap the Weather widget to see the extended data, you open The Weather Channel webpage (in a Safari browser or a browser you have set as default) with the weather details of the location set in your Weather widget.

The Weather Channel website linked from Weather widget on iPad
The Weather Channel website opens in Safari browser when you tap the Weather widget on your iPad

▸ The Weather Channel webpage is not what you have expected to see, with ugly ads and sponsored content everywhere, and an entirely different design and colors.

▸ Why The Weather Channel? It’s because Apple’s data for native weather apps and widget is powered by the data from this source.

▸ When you realize you have opened a third-party webpage, not an actual app, you probably assume you have to get the Weather app back from the App Store.

▸ Be careful. None of the weather apps in the App Store is developed by Apple. Some of these apps have icons that look exactly as the Weather app for iPhone. And some of these apps are paid ones or come with subscription plans.

Weather apps in the iPad App Store
Weather apps in the iPad’s App Store – none of them is developed by Apple

▸ Instead of downloading a third-party weather app from the App Store, I would make the most use of the Weather widget on your iPad:

– Change the widget size to the largest one. It includes the current weather, the today’s temperature and conditions, and the forecast for the next five days.

– Long-tap the widget and select “Edit Widget” to adjust the location. If you select “My Location,” the widget will show the weather conditions for your current place. You can also add any other location – just type the city’s name in the search box and tap it.

▸ Every article on the web that talks about how to use the Weather app for iPad is misleading. Here is an example: Hands-on with Apple’s Weather app for iPad.

▸ Apple has not yet developed a default Weather app for iPad because its design would not be distinctive enough. Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president responsible for software, says that the Weather app should make use of the large screen iPad in every possible way.

▸ Weather is not the only native Apple app that’s missing from the iPadOS. You won’t find the default calculator or messaging app, either.

▸ The native Weather app for iPad may come sooner than we all think. Why do I think so? The new Weather app design for iPhone is based on widgets, smaller and larger. The widget-based app interface can guarantee the perfect look and experience to both the large and small screen.

▸ What’s more, in the Settings » Privacy » Location Services on your iPad, there is already a Weather icon. The system is ready for the Weather app for iPad. it’s just a matter of time to see it with one of the updates of the iPadOS.

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