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Think outside the X. Here are all the latest ways we would love to connect with you. Google News, RSS, major social media? Just pick up your favorite channel.

What’s your favorite social network? What’s your primary way to stay informed? If you would like to get quick tips and news about reading, books, and libraries, feel free to connect with Geek Updated.

Geek Updated is a site for geeks who are looking for quick answers to help them enjoy their digital life more.

You will find here tips, how-to posts, hacks, and news related to living in the evolving times of digital content. iPad and Kindle users are our main focus, but other devices, apps, and subscriptions are also covered.

Let’s connect on FacebookMastodonTumblr, and Pinterest. We are proud to be included in the Google News platform. You can, obviously, add us in your WordPress Reader. Prefer a classic feed? Grab our RSS.

Would you like us to be present on other platforms? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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