X (Twitter) timeline fix: how to quickly see the tweets of users you follow

When you open a Twitter app, tap “Following” section in the top bar or simply swipe left – even if you don’t see the top bar.

X (Twitter) timeline – the background

▸ Before, if you wanted to see the latest tweets from X (Twitter) users you are following, you just set “Latest Tweets” as your default viewing option. It stayed this way until you changed it to “Home” view.

▸ Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the network dramatically redesigned the timeline.

▸ Now, at the top of the timeline, you will (or not) see two sections: “For You” and “Following”. If you pin any of your lists, you will also see it there, on the right side.

▸ “Following” is what “Latest Tweets” was before. It’s just a timeline of the users you are following, with the latest ones appearing at the top.

▸ “For You” is not “Home” – it displays the tweets Twitter (or Elon Musk) thinks are important for you. You will see here the tweets from the people you follow and don’t follow, ads, and random, irrelevant junk based on I don’t know what.

▸ For people who are using Twitter for specific news or updates from specific topics and users, “For You” is a total mess. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to skip Twitter.

X (Twitter) timeline – the problem

▸ The problem is that this random “For You” timeline is a now default viewing option. There is no way to set “Following” as a primary view.

▸ Every time you open a Twitter app or switch from another account, it’s “For You” that you will see first. You can’t do anything about it. It’s the new freedom of choice: you can see anything you want, as long as it’s what Elon Musk thinks you want.

▸ There is even a bigger problem than this. Sometimes, you will not see the top bar with “For You” and “Following”. You are blind because you don’t know which timeline you are in. See the screenshots below.

▸ I don’t know whether it’s a bug or a deliberate behavior, but it happens plenty of times in my Twitter for iPhone app. I tried to hard close the app or remove cache. I tried to remove and add an account again. The blank navigation bar is here – and you are stuck with “For You” timeline by default.

How to see latest tweets from people you follow on X (Twitter)

Luckily, the fix is quick.

Even if you don’t see the “Following” section at the top, simply swipe left to jump to this section.

Yes, it’s that simple, open an app, go to the account’s home view, and swipe left to avoid the messy “For You” and see a good old timeline of people you praise and respect.

Do it a few times, and you will develop a habit of going to the right timeline. It’s the same way you switch from one account to another, but with one “swipe left” action at the end.

How to make the “Following” section appear at the top

If you are desperate to see the top “For You – Following” bar:

1. Tap your avatar in the top-left corner.

2. Swipe left to remove the sidebar.

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