How to find Amazon Prime eligible accessories for your iPad

It’s not easy to find Prime items on Amazon any longer. However, you can still spot them: 1. On search pages. 2. On product pages. 3. On deal pages and sections.

Since iPad and other Apple products are officially available on Amazon, many users turn to the giant online store to make it a one-stop shopping hub.

And it won’t take you too much time to realize that Amazon Prime multi-benefit subscription is something that would suit you in so many ways.

Unfortunately, Amazon has recently reduced the number of Prime eligibility hints. A small Prime logo has been removed from several places, including search results and product pages.

However, you can still figure out whether an item you want to buy for your iPad is eligible for free Prime shipping.

3 ways to find Amazon Prime eligible products for your iPad

1. On search pages

Narrow search to free shipping over $25

When you search for the product using Amazon’s own search box, you will see a list of results. The Prime logo is gone from the search results, and it’s not a good thing.

However, you can assume that any item that is eligible for free shipping on orders over $25 is also eligible for free shipping with your Prime membership.

Find Prime eligible iPad accessories on Amazon - search pages

On the left side of the list of results, close to the top, check the box “Free Shipping by Amazon” to see only the items that are eligible for Prime shipping.

Prime logo for recommended items

Just like when using Google web search, Amazon shows at the top of results a list of ads that are related to your key phrase.

If any of the featured products are eligible for free shipping, you will see a Prime logo underneath.

Find Prime products for iPad - recommended items on search pages

2. On product pages

When you find the product you want to buy, you can check out whether you can enjoy the free two-day shipping. There is no Prime logo where it used to be (right under the name of the product),

However, you can see Prime eligibility in the price sidebar on the right side. Simply look for the light blue widget displaying a text “Add your 30-day FREE trial of Prime and get fast, FREE delivery.”

Find Prime eligible items for your iPad on product pages

When you hover over the text “Prime,” you will read more about what can enjoy after joining Amazon Prime program:

  • Free Two-Day shipping on millions of items
  • Thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Over one million ad-free songs on Prime Music
  • Unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos

3. On deal pages

Many users start exploring Amazon from the Gold Box Deals page – a one-stop directory for the best deals that are currently available.

Here, you can find Prime items in a few ways.

Check “Prime eligible” in the left sidebar

Unlike search pages, there is still “Prime eligible” check box on the list of deal filters. You can find it in the left sidebar, right at the top.

Find Prime eligible items for iPad on Gold Box deal page

“Prime Deal” label

Some lightning deals are better than others. And the most attractive ones are usually available for Prime members than for regular customers.

You can see two kinds of labels on the list of deals:

  • Prime Early Access Deal
  • Prime Exclusive Deal
Prime exclusive deals on Gold Box - how to find

Prime logo on a deal’s preview image

Another way to spot whether you have extra benefits as a Prime subscriber is to check out preview images on the list of available deals. From time to time, you will see an image with a Prime logo on it (see the example below).

Some iPad-related items that you can find on Amazon are eligible for special shipping conditions available only for Prime subscribers.

⇢ Amazon Prime

Keep exploring. Here are other tips and how-to guides:

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