Prime Day iPad deals – buying tips and things to avoid

Prime Day iPad deals things to know
Prime Day iPad deals things to know

1. Don’t buy an iPad or iPad case during Prime Day.
2. Buy an iPad accessory during Prime Day.
3. There is a better approach for getting an iPad and iPad gear on Amazon.

A few weeks before Prime Day, leading tech and review sites start to populate the web with deal alerts about upcoming “all-time price cuts” on iPad and iPad-related items.

Most customers assume that the Prime Day shopping event is a way to save money. This is generally true – but it doesn’t apply to the iPad. It’s because Prime Day is an Amazon-exclusive event, and you can earn mostly on Amazon-related products.

In the following guide, I will explain why you should avoid buying an iPad or iPad case on Prime Day, and what you can do instead.

Prime Day iPad deals – things to know

Don’t buy an iPad on Prime Day

Here are the reasons why you should avoid buying an iPad on Amazon during Prime Day:

▸ iPad is a product from Apple, not Amazon. Prime Day is an Amazon’s event, not Apple’s. Compare it to worldwide Black Friday and Cyber Monday events when literally every company “celebrates” the upcoming Christmas with price cuts and special offers.

▸ There is an official Apple reseller store on Amazon. It opened back in 2018, and it’s a reliable source of all things Apple, not only iPad and iPhone, but also Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, plus all original accessories.

iPad prices on Amazon

▸ The prices in the Apple reseller store on Amazon are between 3 and 10% lower than in the Apple online webstore – and it’s on an ongoing basis. You don’t have to wait for Prime Day or Black Friday to save on your iPad enough money to grab a decent case cover.

▸ Prices on Amazon are dynamic and depend on the demand. Usually deeper price cuts are offered on less popular models. So, you may see a deal alert saying that “iPad mini 6 is $100 off on Prime Day.” Then, you realize that it refers to the most expensive configuration variant (256 GB / Wi-Fi + Cellular) in the least popular color (Purple). So, instead of saving $100 on the $499 variant (20% off), you save $100 on the $799 variant (12.5% off).

▸ On Black Friday you can expect prices to go down by up to 25%. I have observed no such deep price cuts on iPad models during Prime Day.

▸ The most important thing to keep in mind is that to benefit from Prime Day deals, you have to be a Prime member. The biggest mistake you could make is starting a Prime subscription during a Prime Day just to buy a single iPad.

Buying an iPad on Amazon – a better approach

▸ As I already said, no matter when you want to buy an iPad, you can always get it for a few dollars less than in the Apple online store.

▸ The best approach is to find on Amazon the iPad you want to buy, and wait for a price drop. You may realize the lowest price is offered not on Prime Day or Black Friday.

▸ You can use a third-party app or online service to track prices on Amazon, but I rely on a simpler method. When I find a product I want to buy, I bookmark it in my Chrome, and edit the bookmark’s title by adding the current price. As I visit Amazon frequently, I often check out the products in my bookmarks folder, and if I see a lower price, I make a decision what to do.

▸ You can also use an Amazon Shopping app for Android or iOS. Find an iPad model you want to buy, and simply tap the heart that’s placed in the corner of the main image. This way you add the product to your wishlist. For Amazon, it’s enough to send you a push notification every time the price of the product goes down.

▸ Alternatively, you can buy a refurbished iPad. Amazon is a reputable source of refurbished electronics. Amazon or Amazon-qualified company restores the software to factory settings and tests if the device works properly. Usually, the renewed iPad comes with the 3-month Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Depending on the model, you can save up to 25%.

▸ To buy a refurbished iPad on Amazon, simply go to Amazon Warehouse, the home of refurbished electronics. Find “Computers & Tablets” category, and then click on “Apple” in “Featured brands” on the left.

Find refurbished iPad on Amazon

▸ There are a few ways to find iPad-related deals on Amazon, and you can do that without waiting for Prime Day or Black Friday.

Don’t buy an iPad case on Prime Day

▸ Despite the fact that iPad deals on Prime Day are not as attractive as on Black Friday, the demand for iPads is huge.

▸ Many customers are used to buy a dedicated case at the same time. Therefore, the demand for iPad case covers is also huge during Prime Day.

▸ The products in great demand are offered during shopping events at prices that are lowered only symbolically. You may find Prime Day deals on iPad cases, but they will be offered by less popular third-party producers and only for less popular models.

▸ You can assume that you will not save a penny on a third-party iPad case on Prime Day if you want to get the one from a trusted producer, with hundreds of positive reviews.

Buying an iPad case on Amazon – a better approach

▸ As you have just learned, buying an iPad case during shopping events – not only Prime Day but also Black Friday – is not a way to save extra money.

▸ The best way to save on an iPad case is to buy it a few weeks after the new iPad models is introduced. At that time, all third-party case producers are fighting for ratings and reviews, and they offer cases for new iPad models at relatively low prices. Once the case gets enough 5-star reviews and lands on a first page of Amazon search results, the price constantly goes up.

▸ Therefore, iPad cases may have a reasonably low prices during Prime Day only when they are for an iPad model that has just been released.

▸ If you are a Prime subscriber, you can save on shipping and enjoy a fast delivery – also when it comes to iPad cases and accessories. Here are three quick ways to find Prime-eligible accessories for your iPad.

Buy an iPad accessory on Prime Day

▸ I have just discouraged you from buying an iPad and iPad case during Prime Day. Why do I encourage you to buy an iPad accessory?

▸ For many users, an iPad case is a must. It’s a guarantee nothing will happen to your new shiny iPad, so you buy it immediately, especially on Amazon, where there are thousands of them. An iPad accessory is optional

▸ iPad-compatible accessories come from different categories, and they are usually compatible with other tablets. I’m talking about all kinds of stands, power banks, tablet pillows, chargers, connectors, or travel accessory bags.

▸ Producers of such accessories use the opportunity Prime Day gives to sell more products. As I said, these items are optional, so you have to help customers decide to buy them by offering a Prime Day deal price.

▸ Here are our two curated lists that you can explore: iPad accessories for hands-free use and heavy-duty iPad gear.

Buying iPad on Amazon during Prime Day – conclusions

▸ You can start checking iPad prices on Amazon weeks before the Prime Day event. This way, you will have the reference that you would compare to prices offered during the event.

▸ Find an iPad model and configuration you want to buy and start checking its prices by either adding it as a bookmark in your browser or using an Amazon shopping app.

▸ Don’t assume the Prime Day deal on the iPad you want is the final and ultimate price drop. Be patient and you will be able to get the device at a lower price afterwards.

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