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How many movies and TV shows are available for free for Prime Video subscribers?

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Currently, 21,066 titles are free for Prime members, out of 60,000 Prime Video movies and TV shows in total.

Prime Video – quick facts

Unlike Netflix, where all titles are free to watch with a subscription, Prime Video video-on-demand service includes two kinds of content:

  • Titles that are free to watch with Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.
  • Titles that can only be rented or bought. For a Prime Video subscriber, it would be an extra cost on top of a monthly fee.

The entire catalog of Prime Video movies and TV shows includes over 60,000 entries (to be exact: 60,459 at the time of writing this post).

However, not all of these titles are free with your Prime Video subscription.

To make things even more complicated – especially if you want to decide whether to sign up for Prime Video or not:

  • Some titles are only available for streaming by Prime members (no option to buy or rent).
  • Some titles can be rented without the need to subscribe to Prime.

How many titles are free for Prime Video subscribers?

When you explore Prime Video catalog, make sure to filter the results by “Included with Prime” option that’s located in the left sidebar, in the “Ways to Watch” section.

When you do so, you will see only the titles that are free to watch if you have an active Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

How many Prime Video titles are free for Amazon Prime subscribers

As you see, over 20,000 titles are included with Prime Video membership (to be exact: 21,066 titles at the time of writing this post).

In other words, only one-third of the Prime Video catalog is available for free for Prime members. How many of them would you like to watch?

Prime Video usage tips

How to spot free Prime Video movies TV shows

▸ “Prime Video” doesn’t mean a video that’s free with Prime subscription, but a video that is available for streaming.

▸ Therefore, if you find the title with just a text “Prime Video,” it doesn’t always mean that you, as a Prime subscriber, can stream it for free within your membership.

▸ However, any title with a text “$0.00 with a Prime membership” in a description is free to watch for Prime subscribers.

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