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Should I buy a refurbished iPad on Amazon?

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1. Amazon is a reputable source of refurbished electronics.
2. With Amazon Renewed Guarantee, you are eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days.
3. You can find multiple refurbished iPad models on Amazon.

If you want to buy an iPad at a reduced price, you can wait for usual shopping events, such as Black Friday, or you can go for a refurbished item.

What is a refurbished iPad?

A refurbished device is the one that has been returned by a customer, and tested by Amazon-qualified supplier for functionality and defects. Its software is being restored to factory settings. The display and bezel are usually being replaced to make the device work and look like new.

How the refurbished process works

  1. Customer returns the product to Amazon.
  2. Amazon or Amazon-qualified company restores the software to factory settings, tests if the device works properly, check out if there are any mechanical defects.
  3. The device has to look and work like new. Otherwise, it won’t get certified and go on sale.
  4. Usually, the renewed iPad comes with the 3-month Amazon Renewed Guarantee.
  5. You can save up to 25%, and it’s due to the fact the almost-new device was pre-owned by another customer.

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPad on Amazon? Check out these three reasons:

1. Amazon is a reputable source of refurbished electronics

  • Since the launch of the official Apple Reseller Store, Amazon has become a one-stop, reliable source of iPad models, cases, and accessories.
  • Amazon Warehouse is the home of refurbished electronics. Find “Computers & Tablets” category, and then click on “Apple” in “Featured brands” on the left.

2. Refurbished iPads come with Amazon Renewed Guarantee

  • Refurbished iPads are being offered by third-party sellers on Amazon. They bear a badge “Amazon-qualified”.
  • With Amazon Renewed Guarantee, you are eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt, if the product doesn’t work as expected.
  • You get quick support for claims and free troubleshooting via a single point of contact at Amazon.

3. There are multiple refurbished iPad models on Amazon

  • Amazon is a top destination for refurbished electronics of all kinds.
  • You will find more refurbished iPad models and variants on Amazon than in any other store on the web.
  • Don’t expect the latest models to enter the refurbished marketplace.
  • Visit Amazon Warehouse store to explore the latest offers on refurbished iPad models.
  • You can also type “refurbished iPad” or “renewed iPad” in the Amazon search box to find items that are not featured in Amazon Warehouse store.

Make sure to find more tips and tricks on how to make the most of iPad on Amazon.

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