iPad Air 4 (2020) FAQs – things to know before buying it

Apple iPad Air 4 facts questions

1. iPad Air 4 doesn’t have Face ID. You can use Touch iD, instead.
2. The device is compatible with Magic Keyboard.
3. It sports USB-C, 4 GB of RAM memory, and two stereo speakers.

The 4th-generation iPad Air was launched in October 2020. It sports a larger edge-to-edge 10.9-inch display, a new Touch ID sensor, USB-C connector, and comes in five stylish finishes.

Do you consider getting iPad Air 4? Make sure to go through this quick list of questions and answers to make a more reasoned decision.

Apple iPad Air 4 (2020) – table of content

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iPad Air 4 (2020) – things to know in questions and answers

Does iPad Air 4 have the same screen as iPad Pro 11?

Both models have the same width and height, and offer the same look and feel, but iPad Air 4 has smaller screen with worse parameters.

  • iPad Air 4 comes with 10.9-inch LED display with IPS technology, offering 2360 × 1640 px resolution.
  • iPad Pro 11 comes with 11-inch Liquid Retina LED display with ProMotion, True Tone, and Wide color display, offering 2388 × 1668 px resolution.

How much RAM memory does iPad Air 4 have?

Many sources claim that iPad Air 4 comes with 4 GB of RAM memory.

The same RAM size was featured in iPad Pro 2017. iPad Air 3 came with 3 GB of RAM memory, while the newest iPad Pro models released in spring 2020 are equipped with 6 GB RAM.

How many speakers does iPad Air 4 come with?

Apple does not make it clear whether iPad Air 4 has four or two integrated speakers.

There are four speaker grills (two at the top and two at the bottom), but most tech reviewers believe iPad Air 4 sports two stereo speakers.

Apple iPad Air 4 - ports and buttons

For the best stereo effect, play music or videos in a landscape mode.

Can I use Apple Pencil 1 with the new iPad Air 4?

No, only Apple Pencil 2 is compatible with iPad Air 4.

Can I use third-party pens with iPad Air 4?

Yes, you can use third-party pens with the 4th-generation iPad Air.

Most pens offer palm rejection and come with replaceable tips. They are usually a few times cheaper than Apple Pencil 2. Check out the most popular iPad compatible pens on Amazon.

What you have to keep in mind is that third-party pens can’t be recharged wirelessly by attaching them to the side of the iPad. You will need to charge them via the cable.

What are iPad Air 4 dimensions?

Below, you will find a complete dimensions table of all iPad Air generations. The 4th-generation model is on the top of the list.

iPad Air dimensions – all generations

Name – a common name used to describe the iPad model, Generation – official generation number in the iPad model series, Year – a year the model was released, Screen – screen size in inches, H/W/D – height / width / depth
Name Generation Year Screen Inches H/W/D Millimeters H/W/D
iPad Air 4 4th 2020 10.9″ 9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24 247.6 × 178.5 × 6.1
iPad Air 3 3rd 2019 10.5″ 9.87 × 6.85 × 0.24 250.6 × 174.1 × 6.1
iPad Air 2 2nd 2014 9.7″ 9.4 × 6.67 × 0.24 240 × 169.5 × 6.1
iPad Air 1 1st 2013 9.7″ 9.4 × 6.67 × 0.30 240 × 169.5 × 7.5
Apple iPad Air 4 size and display
Apple iPad Air 4 (2020) dimensions and screen size / Image: Ebook Friendly

Will my Air 3 case fit the newest iPad Air 4?

No, iPad Air 3 and 4 have different dimensions and locations of ports, buttons, and cameras.

You can find the best iPad Air 4 compatible cases in this updated roundup.

Will iPad Pro 11 case fit iPad Air 4?

Yes and no. Both models have the same width and height, but they differ in depth (6.1 mm in Air 4 versus 5.9 mm in iPad Pro 11). What’s more, speaker grills in Pro 11 are positioned differently than in Air 4.

Therefore, you can only use the iPad Pro 11 case that hold the device in place using corner straps.

Does iPad Air 4 have Face ID?

No, it doesn’t. To securely unlock the device you can use Touch ID.

Where is Touch ID located in the iPad Air 4 (2020)?

Touch ID is integrated into the button located on the top side of the top-right corner.

Does iPad Air 4 feature Center Stage?

No, unfortunately, iPad Air 4 released in 2020 doesn’t have Center Stage.

Center Stage is a new feature that comes extremely handy when you make many video calls.

The front ultra-wide camera combined with machine learning uses the much larger field of view to recognize and keep you centered in the frame all the time.

iPad Air 4 doesn’t have the ultra-wide front camera, and therefore it can’t support Center Stage.

Is Magic Keyboard compatible with iPad Air 4 released in 2020?

Yes, the top-shelf Apple keyboard, featuring a trackpad, is compatible with the latest iPad Air 4.

To buy the Magic Keyboard at a lower price, you can check out Amazon. It’s usually a few percent cheaper here than in the Apple online store.

Are other keyboards compatible with iPad Air 4?

Yes, you can use third-party keyboards and keyboard cases from other producers, not only Apple.

Third-party iPad keyboards are a few times cheaper than the Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio. However, only a few can connect via the Smart Connector.

Most keyboards and keyboard cases connect with the iPad Pro via Bluetooth module. They have to be recharged separately. Some keyboards come with a touchpad that is compatible with iPadOS.

Does iPad Air 4 come with ultra-wide camera?

No, the device only sports the 12 MP wide camera on the back.

Does iPad Air 4 have LiDAR scanner?

LiDAR scanner shoots laser beams at an environment, calculating the distance to objects, and creating 3D maps.

Unfortunately, LiDAR technology is not available in iPad Air 4.

Does iPad Air 4 come with USB-C port?

Yes, the new iPad features the same port as top-shelf iPad Pro models.

USB-C lets you transfer data with a speed reaching 5Gbps, which is ten times faster than in previous generation.

You can use USB-C port for connecting external hard drives, cameras, and monitors up to 4K.

What are iPad Air 4 2020 colors?

Apple iPad Air 4 colors: Sky Blue, Rose Gold, Green, Silver, and Space Gray
Apple iPad Air 4 colors: Sky Blue, Rose Gold, Green, Silver, and Space Gray / Image: Apple

Opposite to iPad Pros, the Air 4 is available in a range of five fashionable steel colors with a matte finish: Sky Blue, Rose Gold, Green, Silver, and Space Gray.

The color range is wider than in the 2021 iPad mini 6, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t include two hot new colors: Starlight and Purple.

Is iPad Air 4 available in white?

If you are asking about the color of the front bezel, the bad news is that iPad Air 4 is not available in white.

Opposite to iPad 10.2, the front of iPad Air 4 is always black, no matter which color variant you choose.

iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro 11 – which one to choose?

It all depends on what you need the iPad for. If you want the top-shelf display, advanced ways to use augmented reality, or the best cameras, you should pick up iPad Pro (either 11 or 12.9).

If you need a fast tablet that you can use as a laptop, with unlimited possibilities for drawing and handwriting, iPad Air 4 is more than enough.

Many users consider Air 4 (prices from $599) as a solid and affordable alternative to iPad Pro 11 (prices from $799).

  • Both tablets have a cool bezel-less look and similar dimensions.
  • iPad Air 4 comes with 10.9-inch LED display with 2360 × 1640 px resolution, while iPad Pro 11 has 11-inch Liquid Retina LED display with 2388 × 1668 px resolution.
  • Just like iPad Pro, the new Air 4 is compatible with the Magic Keyboard – you can now make the full use of a touchpad on your iPad!
  • Just like iPad Pro, the new Air works with the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil.
  • Just like iPad Pro, the new Air is equipped with USB-C port that lets you transfer data with a speed reaching 5Gbps – 10 times faster than previous generation.
  • iPad Air 4 comes in five fashionable colors: Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue.

Is iPad Air 4 a good replacement to iPad 10.2?

Ask yourself a question: what do I need from my new iPad?

Do you want to use it more often and for more complex and creative tasks? The question is not only about the display and performance but also compatible accessories.

  • iPad Air 4 is compatible with the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil, while iPad 10.2 is not.
  • iPad Air 4 is compatible with the Magic Keyboard featuring the trackpad. iPad 10.2 is only compatible with Smart Keyboard.
  • iPad Air 4 comes with a fast USB-C connector, while iPad 10.2 has the Lightning.
  • iPad Air 4 features Touch ID on the edge instead of the Home button below the display in iPad 10.2.

Is iPad Air 4 (2020) good for reading?

Yes, as any other iPad model, the new iPad Air 4 is a great reading device. However, if you need a tablet mainly to read ebooks, you can pick up the most affordable Apple tablet – iPad 10.2.

Is it worth to buy a refurbished iPad Air 4?

If you want to save money on the iPad Air 4, getting a refurbished device makes a lot of sense.

A good place to shop for refurbished iPads is Amazon Warehouse – a home of refurbished electronics running within Amazon online store. Find “Computers & Tablets” category, and then click on “Apple” in “Featured brands” on the left.

A list of refurbished iPad Air 4 models is constantly growing, and the device has been released back in October 2020. Make sure to double-check the variant you are interested in before placing an order. ⇢ Read more about refurbished iPads.

What are iPad Air 4 full specs?

Most Apple iPad Air 4 (2020) specs are presented below, together with launch dates, compatibility, and prices.

Apple iPad Air 4 (2020 – tech specs chart

Screen 10.9-inch (diagonal) LED‑backlit Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology
Screen resolution 2360 × 1640 px
Pixel density 264 ppi
Storage capacity • 64 GB
• 256 GB
microSD card No
RAM memory 4 GB
Processor • A14 Bionic chip with 64‑bit architecture
• Neural Engine
Camera 12MP Wide camera, ƒ/1.8 aperture, Hybrid IR filter, 5-element lens
Body colors • Silver
• Space Gray
• Rose Gold
• Green
• Sky Blue
Battery Built‐in 28.6‐watt‐hour rechargeable lithium‑polymer battery, non-removable
Battery life Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‐Fi or watching video
Charging Charging via power adapter or USB‑C to computer system
Weight 16.16 oz / 458 g
Dimensions 9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24 in / 247.6 × 178.5 × 6.1 mm
Wi-Fi 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6; simultaneous dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz); HT80 with MIMO
Bluetooth Yes, 5.0 technology
Ports and connectors • USB-C
• Smart Connector
Operating System iPadOS 14
Sound Two integrated speakers
Sensors • Touch ID
• Three‐axis gyro
• Accelerometer
• Barometer
• Ambient light sensor
In the box • iPad Air 4 (2020)
• USB‑C Charge Cable (1 meter)
• 20W USB‑C Power Adapter
Compatible with Apple Pencil Yes, Apple Pencil sold separately
Compatible with Smart Keyboard Folio Yes, Smart Keyboard Folio sold separately
Compatible with Magic Keyboard Yes, Magic Keyboard sold separately
Launch dates • Announcement – September 15, 2020
• Pre-orders – October 16, 2020
• Release – October 23, 2020
Prices • 64 GB / WiFi – $599
• 64 GB / WiFi + Cellular – $729
• 256 GB / WiFi – $749
• 256 GB / WiFi + Cellular – $879
Apple iPad Air 4 facts questions
Apple iPad Air 4, 2020 release / Image: Ebook Friendly

Can I buy iPad Air 4 on Amazon?

Yes, you can, and it is 100% safe to do so.

iPad models are sold not only through Apple’s website, but also in leading online stores, naming only Amazon.

In late 2018, Amazon signed a deal with Apple to set up a dedicated Authorized Apple Reseller store. It means you can use your Amazon account to buy all things Apple in the most reliable way.

Even better, some devices with the Apple logo on it, are offered on Amazon at reduced prices – something you can hardly see in the Apple online store.

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