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How to find iPad deals on Amazon – three quick ways

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1. Go directly to iPad model list and explore prices of specific variants.
2. Search Amazon Gold Box for iPads and iPad accessories.
3. Check out holiday sale in Apple store on Amazon.

The biggest benefit of buying an iPad (and all other Apple devices) on Amazon? Prices lower than in Apple stores.

You can save on select models and variants:

  • Up to 25% during main shopping events – Black Friday and Prime Day.
  • Between 3 and 10% on an ongoing basis.

How to find iPad deals on Amazon – 3 quick ways

1. Explore iPad model list

Go directly to a list of iPads on Amazon. It includes all iPad models and all their variants. Besides the model name, the description includes display size, storage, connectivity, and color.

Most variants come also with a price. However, there is no clear mark that the price is reduced. Usually, regular prices are crossed out, but not in this directory.

Tip: Once you pick up your favorite model, make sure to visit its detailed product page and check out the prices of all available variants.

2. Search Amazon Gold Box for iPads and iPad accessories

The best way to find deals on Amazon is to explore Gold Box.

For those who are new to Amazon: Gold Box is a daily list of the most attractive deals of all kinds from across all categories. You can find here lots of deals on tablets, computers, and other electronics, including iPad, iPad cases, as well as iPad accessories.

Tip: To find deals on iPads and iPad cases and accessories, simply check the “Electronics” box in a left sidebar, in the “Department” section.

Checking out Amazon Gold Box is a good habit, not only during Prime Day or Black Friday. Any time you can find a deal on an iPad case or keyboard, and it usually appears on a first or second page.

3. Check out holiday sale in Apple store on Amazon

It’s not easy to find it, but Apple store on Amazon has its own deal section. You won’t see a link to it from the home page, and it took us some time to find out that such a section exists.

It’s called Apple Holiday Sale and it lists currently offered deals on original Apple devices and accessories. If you are determined to get the new iPad at the lowest possible price, you should check out this section from time to time.

Holiday sale holds not only iPad, but also Mac, Apple TV, AirPods, and iPhone deals, including original cases and Apple-approved accessories.

Compared to Amazon’s “regular” iPad prices, which are lower by 3 to 10% than official, you can find here price cuts reaching 20%, and sometimes even more.

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