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Use Google search to find free Kindle books on Amazon

1. There are thousands of free Kindle books on Amazon, but it’s hard to find them.
2. Use this Google search instead to limit clutter and find most relevant results.


Amazon is one of the best sources of free ebooks for your Kindle or Kindle app. The only thing is that it’s hard to find them.

When you use a search phrase “free Kindle book” on Amazon, on top of search results pages you will see first:

  • Sponsored Kindle books that are not free at all.
  • Kindle books that are free on one condition – when you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, a subscription which costs $9.99 per month.

You can also use the search limited to Kindle Store, but, again, even when you sort results by “price: low to high” you may see $0.00 Kindle books, which are free only for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


It’s sometimes quite refreshing to search the content of the frequently visited website using a site-specific Google search.

If you want to find free Kindle books, copy the text from below, paste it into Google search box, and hit Enter: "Kindle Edition" "$0.00" -"Kindle Unlimited"

You can skip the first few results that look like directories of “0-0” or “0.00” Kindle Store ebooks. These directories show paid or Kindle Unlimited books up front.

This search phrase returns almost 70,000 results from store. It does the following: – it finds results on a specific website. In this case, it’s “” but you can change it to “”, “”, or any other localized Amazon store you use.

"Kindle Edition" – it finds any page that includes this specific text. When you use it, you are sure you will land on a page with Kindle version, and not audiobook. Make sure to use this text in brackets.

"$0.00" – it finds items with a current price set to $0. An interesting thing is that “$0.00” is also displayed for Kindle Unlimited books, but Google shows results based on the main price not the Kindle Unlimited tag. Again, make sure to use this text in brackets.

-"Kindle Unlimited" – it blocks Kindle Unlimited ebooks from showing up on a list of results.

A good thing is that Google shows results based on popularity and demand, so you will see first what others were looking for and clicking, instead of what Amazon wants you to see.

You can play with other Google search tools:

  • Click on “Images” to see book covers instead of titles.
  • Click on “Tools” » “Any Time” » “Past month” or “Past week” to see most recent results.

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