14 coolest tablet gadgets and accessories in 2023

Best tablet accessories in 2022

Updated on 08.09.2023.

Flexible gooseneck holder, 50000 mAh 18W power bank with USB-C port, multi-color retro keyboard, military-grade Faraday cage, and several more.

In the list below, you will find the lesser-known, newly launched, and innovative tablet accessories and appliances that may surprise you with how useful they are.

I have selected the gadgets that are compatible with the widest range of available tablet models, including iPad and iPad Pro, Amazon Fire, or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The list includes the accessories that meet emerging needs, such as built-in USB-C port or advanced recharging.

Hundreds of articles around the web cover tablet and phone gadgets. Most of them pick up the items that you will easily find in online stores. I have done the opposite: pick up lesser-known tablet accessories that are sometimes too new to get enough ratings.

Top 10 tablet gadgets to get this year

1. 100% flexible gooseneck tablet holder

Flexible gooseneck mountable tablet holder
A handy tablet accessory if you are watching a lot of movies in your bed or want to turn your tablet into a second desk monitor / Image: Amazon

▸ If you watch movies on your tablet in just one place at home (probably a bed), you may like the idea of a holder that you can mount to a bedside table or the frame of your bed.

▸ From Lamicall comes a gooseneck tablet mount holder that’s extremely popular on Amazon, with over 16 thousand ratings.

▸ Thanks to a flexible arm, you can place your tablet exactly at the angle, height, and distance you like. It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to use the tablet at the eye level.

▸ The holder is rotatable. You can watch movies in a landscape view and then rotate the tablet into a portrait view to take part in a Zoom meeting, or read a magazine.

▸ Please note that the stand works great for passive activities, like watching, reading, or video conferencing. It’s not suitable for working, as it’s bouncing when you touch the display.

▸ The stand is available in two colors: Gray and Black.

▸ The current price on Amazon is $24.99.

Our score: 7.9/10

2. 50000 mAh 18W power bank with USB-C port

50000 mAh power bank perfect for tablets
This is the gadgets you need – a high-capacity 18W power bank can charge your tablet several times / Image: Amazon

▸ The more powerful tablet you have, the more energy you will need. A high-capacity power bank is on a to-buy list of many tablet users, especially if they work outside or can’t fully count on mains electrical power supply.

▸ Most people decide to buy a power bank with a built-in solar panel (or panels). The problem is that the solar panel is an emergency solution. You can’t recharge the power bank completely by the sun. In the end, you will have to find a power socket.

▸ Instead of a solar power bank (most of them feature less than 30000 mAh), go for a power bank that will provide much more energy.

▸ The ultra-high capacity charger from Nuxgal offers 50000 mAh and a powerful 18W PD output and input. It’s enough to charge iPhone 11 as many as 10 times!

▸ Most importantly, the charger comes with a USB-C port. It will let you recharge the powerbank much quicker than the standard USB. This particular powerbank is using the USB-C port for both input and output – an important thing if you want to quickly charge your tablet on the go.

▸ The power bank comes with 3 standard USB output ports, so, together with USB-C, it can charge 4 devices simultaneously. There is also a flashlight, micro USB input and Lightning input port.

▸ The price at the time of writing this overview was $59.99. Don’t expect it to go down this year.

3. Multicolor vintage-style keyboard

Multi-color wireless vintage tablet keyboard
A colorful, vintage looking Bluetooth keyboard that will make you love writing on your tablet / Image: Amazon

▸ A keyboard can be not only a tool to improve writing efficiency, but also a fun and inspiring object that makes you want to write more and more.

▸ Cool, colorful vintage-style Bluetooth keyboards are taking online stores by storm. The one I have chosen is available in several eye-catching colors, including the Chocolate Brown shown above.

▸ The keyboard includes as many as 84 keys, including 12 multimedia key combinations that will make your work more convenient.

▸ The keys are round, high, and ergonomic. They have a matte feel and shaped surface to make your fingers type more comfortably.

▸ The keyboard comes with Bluetooth 5.0 module. It’s compatible with devices running on Windows, Android, or iOS systems.

▸ The current price is $35.99. The lowest observed was $29.99.

4. Durable and flexible tablet wall mount

Durable and flexible tablet wall mount
A wall mount is helpful if you want your tablet to be a kitchen TV or smart home hub / Image: Amazon

▸ Are you planning to make your tablet the center of your smart home? Wall mounts are a great idea to put it where it will suit you the most, be it a living room or a wall next to the kitchen cabinet.

▸ The wall mount is compatible with any tablet size, ranging from 7 to 13 inches. Any tablet depth is accepted, so you can put inside the device with a case on it.

▸ The mount comes with a hole that you can use to put the cables through and have access to a charging port – no matter where it is. Simply slide the table through the mount to make the port and cable hole meet.

▸ The mount is rotatable. It rotates by 360 degrees with locking points at 90 degrees for easy portrait and landscape use.

▸ Is the mount easy to assemble? The producer, The Durable Store, claims the product offers “a worry-free, easy assembly” as it comes with strong and secure attachments and assembly kit.

▸ This premium looking mount is not cheap. The price at the time of writing this post is $46.99, but on Amazon you can find more affordable alternatives.

5. Pillow tablet stand with flexible arm for smartphone

Innovative pillow tablet stand with flexible arm
An innovative, patent pending tablet pillow that comes with two holders: one for tablet and one for smartphone / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most innovative tablet & smartphone accessory

▸ This innovative pillow stand will be extremely helpful if you want to use your tablet and smartphone at the same time, for instance, when taking notes during video meetings.

▸ The patented construction includes a flexible arm. You can adjust its height and rotate by 360 degrees. It’s where you can put your phone.

▸ The cozy pillow is the base of the accessory. It’s filled with odorless foam pellets so that it can change its shape to closely fill the contact surface. The pillow’s cover is made of stretchy and breathable Lycra fabric.

▸ You can place the tablet in the base thanks to a special tablet hook. You can adjust the viewing angle by moving the flexible arm up and down.

▸ The pillow stand is available in two colors – Sand Orange and Stone Gray – but I expect more colors to join.

▸ It’s a brand-new and patented accessory, so its price is pretty high so far – $59.99 at the time of writing this post.

6. Hand crank 5-in-1 4000mAh emergency power bank

Hand crank radio alarm power bank - best gadgets for tablets
Hand crank radio, alarm, power bank, weather alert, and flashlight in one / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best multipurpose power bank & radio

▸ Do you love camping, hiking, or extreme mountain sports? Do you own a recharging tool that you could use even when all your power supply devices are dead? There is a better idea than a high-capacity solar power bank.

▸ Take a look at an IPX4 waterproof emergency device that combines 5 useful features: 

4000mAh power bank – it can be recharged via USB-C cable, solar panel, or – most importantly – hand crank.

SOS alarm – a loud sound is helpful if you want to scare animals or help other find you

AM/FM radio – it comes with a built-in antenna for better reception

weather alert – switch the radio to WB channel for automatic weather alerts in real time

flashlight – you can choose between low and high beam mode. Plus there is a warm-tone reading light on the side.

▸ The solar panel is larger than in comparable emergency devices, but you should not rely on solar recharging entirely. That’s why a hand crank is extremely helpful.

▸ What makes this weather alert radio and charger unique is its ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold it in one hand.

▸ The price of this 5-in-1 emergency electronic tool is $33.99 at the time of writing this post.

7. Adjustable tablet stand with weighted base

Adjustable tablet desktop stand with weighted base
A solid, stable, adjustable tablet stand that’s perfect for video calls / Image: Amazon

▸ If all you need is a stable and fully adjustable desktop stand, look no further.

▸ From Anozer comes one of the sturdiest tablet stands. It can be fully folded to a compact, portable size, but is not one of the lightest designs you can get.

▸ It’s because the stand’s major task is to be stable, no matter which tablet, and in which size, you use. It features an extremely solid metal-weighted base to firmly hold the device at any angle you want.

▸ The pad and hooks are covered with rubber to protect the device from sliding and scratching. After folding, the stand is 141-by-100 mm in size.

▸ You can adjust the angle of both the rod and the holding cradle. This way, you will be able to set the perfect angle for any activity.

▸ The price is set at $14.99, and it’s hardy going down, even on Black Friday.

8. Military-grade Faraday cage for tablets

Multi-shield Faraday tablet sleeve bag
A tablet-size Faraday bag is perfect for those who care about their private data / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best Faraday bag for tablets

▸ If you are concerned about damages, think twice. The tiny scratch on the display is nothing compared to the damage you may experience when someone steals sensitive data from your tablet.

▸ Meet Faraday cage sleeves. A Faraday cage blocks external electromagnetic fields and therefore protects sensitive electronic equipment that’s placed inside.

▸ One of the most popular models comes from Mission Darkness. The bag is designed for military and law enforcement investigators, government, and data security professionals, but can be used by anyone.

▸ The bag comes with MIL-STD-188-125 certificate. It’s tested to preserve the working integrity of electronic devices in the event of EMP or CME.

▸ The Faraday cage bag from Mission Darkness is built with water-resistant ballistic nylon outer material, 2 interior layers of high-shielding TitanRF Faraday Fabric on all sides, and secure double roll and Velcro closure.

▸ The interior size is 13 × 9.25 inches – enough to store even the 12.9-inch tablet, with an extra space for your smartphone, passport, or external drive.

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is $55.

9. Charging station with USB-C and wireless pad

Innovative tablet charging station USB-C port
A charging station is the only reasonable charging solution if you have several devices at home / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are going to buy a charging station that would handle all your mobile devices, be it your smartphone, tablet, digital camera or a Kindle, make sure to pick up the one that comes with the most updated features.

▸ Usually, the most popular charging stations on Amazon are not the newest ones – it takes time to collect ratings and reviews.

▸ So, instead of going for a popular charger with 2,000 reviews and no USB-C port, take a look at the one that’s more useful.

▸ I have picked up a charger that’s nicely designed and sports two features. It has a 15W wireless charging pad for your phone and other device that supports wireless charging. Most importantly, the station has a 3A USB-C port.

▸ The charger comes with a built-in Smart Flow Technology, which intelligently identifies and distributes current to connected devices.

▸ In total, you can charge 5 devices simultaneously: 1 on a pad, 1 with USB-C, and 3 with USB-A ports. A nice little idea is that the cradles for devices are detachable.

▸ The price of the charger is often being changed. At the time of writing this post, it was $29.99.

10. Dimmable lamp with a built-in charger

Dimmable lamp with tablet charging port
This dimmable bedside lamp is equipped with a multi-port charger / Image: Amazon

▸ If you don’t have many devices to charge, but want to keep them close at night, you should not go for a charging station, but pick up a much smarter accessory – the one that combines several benefits to save space on the bedside table.

▸ You don’t have to separately buy a multi-port charger and a bedside lamp, if you go for a touch-enabled nightstand lamp that comes with a built-in powerful multi-port charger.

▸ The lamp itself lets you control the color temperature (two quick modes – day and night – plus a seamless color temperature adjustment). You can also adjust the brightness between 2LM-20LM and 30-300LM. There is also an option to set the timer to make the lamp turn off automatically.

▸ The most useful feature, however, is a built-in fast charger that can reach 65W if you use the USB-C port (it will charge your MacBook as well). There are three ports in total, two others are standard USB-A ports with 15W.

▸ The lamp is a good solution if you only have one power socket by your bed, and want to reduce cable madness as much as possible.

▸ You can buy this all-in-one lamp for $29.99.

Our score: 8.1/10

11. Slim magnetic cable organizer

Anker magnetic cable organizer - best gadgets for tablets
Anker magnetic cable organizer can be reused up to 10 times / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best cable organizer

▸ Wireless charging pads are a way to conveniently charge your mobile devices and avoid cable mess. However, these pads are expensive and compatible only with selected devices.

▸ There is another, much cheaper, way to reduce cable mess. You can get a clever organizer that will keep all the cables in order and within the reach of your hand. Reduce the space used by cables, get more space for your gadgets.

▸ Take a look at the magnetic cable holder and organizer from Anker. This slim design is using magnets to keep the cables in place. You can attach MagSafe or iPhone Lighting cables directly, while other cables can be attached using magnetic clips.

▸ You can stick the Anker Magnetic Cable Holder to any flat surface, for instance the desk or bedside table, thanks to the strong adhesive sticks.

▸ You can restick and reuse the holder any time. Simply detach it, wash the adhesive, dry, and stick to another surface. You can change your mind even ten times!

▸ The Anker cable organizer is available in three colors: White, Black, and Navy Blue. It costs $12.99 on a regular basis, but I’ve noticed price cuts already. A 2-pack is available for $29.99.

12. Retractable power strip with 5 outlets and multiple USB ports

Retractable power strip with 5 outlets and USB ports
A retractable power strip with standard AC outlets, USB-A and USB-C ports / Image: Amazon

▸ Sometimes you have to recharge many devices at the same time, and a single power bank or compact power charger are simply not enough.

▸ What’s more, if you travel a lot, you know how hard it’s sometimes to find a power socket that’s easy to access. You need a power strip with a longer cord.

▸ What’s the perfect travel power strip? You may choose different port combinations, but one thing should be common: a cord that’s retractable or foldable. It makes it easy to manage all the gear if you have the cables in order.

▸ From Sarmert comes a power strip that’s compact (thanks to the round shape), and features a 3.3 feet extension cord that you can fold around.

▸ The charger is equipped with as many as five power outlets, but most importantly, you can use two standard USB ports, and one USB-C port.

▸ Currently, you can buy the power strip for $23.99. The regular price is $27.99.

13. Innovative multi-angle tablet pillow stand

Innovative tablet pillow with stand and pocket
This cozy tablet pillow stand will let you easily work and play at home / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best tablet pillow stand

▸ The stand features a futuristic design shaped like the open jaws of a shark. Thanks to such a shape, the pillow is lighter, as less material is used to form it.

▸ You can set the tablet at three different angles, using special grooves in the base. The grooves are large and deep, so your tablet will not slide out, even if you use it with a case cover.

▸ A special shape is designed not only to reduce the weight. The major task is to prevent your tablet from overheating, especially during the charging.

▸ There is a large pocket on the back. You can use it to keep the cables and a powerbank. As a result, you can charge the tablet while using it, without making your sofa or bed too messy.

▸ You can store your digital pen safely, using a special stylus holder at the top side.

▸ This tablet pillow stand is offered by a trusted producer, Lamicall, and you can get it in one of three colors: Dark Gray, Dark Red, and Royal Blue.

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is $27.99.

Our score: 8.2/10

14. Compact foldable keyboard with a touchpad

Best foldable keyboard for Amazon Fire tablet
A compact and foldable keyboard with a touchpad and function keys / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best foldable keyboard for a tablet

▸ Standalone keyboards are a great way to enhance writing on your tablet, without the need to replace them every time you replace your tablet (what happens with dedicated keyboard cases).

▸ From Samsers comes a highly popular Bluetooth keyboard that features a double-fold design, with the right side hiding a touchpad. 

▸ The keyboard is made of premium aircraft-grade aluminum to improve durability and scratch resistance (and it has a great look, too).

▸ The upgraded ultra-sensitive touchpad on the right side supports multi-touch, so you can control and navigate your tablet the same way as on the display.

▸ The keyboard supports seamless connectivity to all your Bluetooth enabled devices, not only your tablet. It will maintain a stable connection and provide fast response to every device within 10 meters.

▸ The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery will last up to 560 hours of stand-by time and 48 hours usage.

▸ You need up to three hours to recharge the keyboard completely. To save battery life, the keyboard will be automatically put to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.

▸ Samsers offers 30-day money-back guarantee, 24-hour email service, and 1 year worry-free warranty.

▸ The current price is set at $32.99, but we have seen it drop to $25 a few times already.

Our score: 7.9/10

Best tablet gadgets accessories this year
The most affordable and innovative tablet gadgets and accessories to get this year / Images: Amazon

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