Should I buy a tablet pillow stand?

Tablet pillow stand - benefits
Tablet pillow stand - benefits

∙ A tablet pillow stand is helpful if you mainly use your tablet in a bed or sofa.
∙ There is one major disadvantage: it’s not portable.
A short questionnaire will help you find out whether you need a tablet pillow.

Tablet pillows are getting more and more popular, especially now, when we spend most of the time at home, trying to make our work or entertainment space as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Tablet pillow – overview

▸ Many users believe a pillow tablet pad is an alternative to a standard tablet stand holder. You should change your attitude: pillow pads offer a different set of benefits. What’s more, they lack some benefits that are typical for tablet stands. Therefore, they should be considered as a separate category.

▸ Have you seen an UGG tablet pillow on TV? It’s not the only pillow pad you can get. Quite the opposite: tablet pillows have become a popular product category. They can be easily found and purchased in all major online stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, or Argos.

▸ There are hundreds of tablet pillow pads already available. One of the first designs – and the one which highly contributed to the success of tablet pillows – is IPEVO PadPillow. It was launched back in October 2015.

▸ Tablet pillows are a fast-growing and innovative category. New designs are launched every year. At least a few of them offer brand-new (and thrilling) features that make using your tablet easier and more enjoyable.

Benefits of a tablet pillow stand

Tablet pillow - do I need it

▸ Opposite to a standard tablet holder (that’s suitable for a desk or other flat surfaces), a tablet pillow is designed to be used on uneven surfaces, such as a sofa, bed, duvet cover, blanket, or your laps. It’s thanks to a large base that will make your tablet stand still.

▸ Majority of pillow pads raise the tablet above the surface, sometimes quite considerably. It’s due to their construction: a large and thick base. As a result, the tablet is closer to the eye level, allowing you to keep the desired posture.

▸ A large and thick base serves also one more goal: it lets you raise the tablet beyond the folds of a duvet or blanket, which, otherwise, could partially cover the screen.

▸ Most importantly, a tablet pillow stand is soft and cozy. It evokes pleasant feelings. No matter what you do on your tablet – be it watching a movie, reading a report, browsing the web, or taking part in an online meeting – it’s a far more enjoyable activity than when using a standard metal or plastic holder.

▸ Many tablet pad pillows offer an ability to position a tablet at multiple angles, making it easier to use it in different situations.

▸ More and more tablet pillows come with even more benefits: a pocket for small accessories, a stylus holder, an inner compartment that could hold a tablet, or a flexible arm for a smartphone. The possibilities could be endless, as long as you find the basic features helpful.

▸ Opposite to dedicated tablet stand cases, a tablet pillow can be used with most available tablet models on the market, be it the latest 10-inch Amazon Fire or iPad mini. Therefore, it will suit any member of your family who is using a mobile device. There is no need to replace a tablet pillow every time you replace a tablet.

Tablet pillow stand – pros and cons

▸ Suitable for uneven surfaces. The stability of the tablet is much higher than in tablet holders
▸ It can also be used as a desktop stand, for instance if you use your tablet as a second display.
▸ Soft and cozy material. It can usually be detached and washed
▸ Suitable for all tablets and e-readers. There is no need to buy a tablet pillow every time you buy a new tablet
▸ Multiple extra features: pockets, stylus holders, multi-angle stands, extra holders, etc.
▸ Not suitable as a travel accessory. It’s too large and can’t be folded.
▸ Not suitable for writing. The angle is tailored for watching or limited use of the keyboard.
▸ Limited number of viewing angles. No way to adjust the height of the stand.
▸ Due to its size, it’s difficult to store, when you don’t use it.

A tablet pillow stand – do I need it?

If you mainly use a tablet on a sofa or in bed…

…you can buy a tablet pillow. It’s a perfect accessory for such spaces. It’s as cozy as they are, and makes the tablet stand still, regardless of which surface you place it on.

If you switch places frequently…

…you can buy a tablet pillow on one condition: the same location. If you use your tablet on a sofa in a living room, a bed in a bathroom, or a chair in your garden, you can buy a tablet pillow stand. Carrying it will not be difficult – you are still at your home. However, if you want a stand to use a tablet in either your home or, for instance, a café, the pillow pad would be too large to carry.

If you need a stand for video meetings…

… you can still buy a tablet pillow. Tablet pillows are not as flexible in setting up an angle and height as, for example, goose neck holders. However, they offer a vertical angle position that’s suitable for watching movies, and video meetings.

If you need a stand for your desktop workspace…

…it’s possible – but not recommended – to use a tablet pillow. Tablet pillows take a lot of space. It may turn our your desk will not be large enough, especially if you have more than one monitor, and use an extended keyboard and mouse. A much better would be a dedicated desktop stand holder that you can use to set up your tablet exactly at the right angle and height – without taking too much of a desktop space. A good example: Gooseneck Tablet Holder from Lamicall.

If you use your tablet mainly for work…

…don’t buy a tablet pillow. If you use the tablet to write emails, social media updates, blog posts, or reports, you should go for a solution that offers a horizontal angle, letting you type on your tablet more like on a laptop. A tri-fold case or a keyboard case would be a better solution.

If you want something to let you watch movies in bed…

…you can buy a tablet pillow. Actually, it’s the perfect accessory for this kind of activity!

Best tablet pillow stand – our recommendation

Innovative tablet pillow stand from Lamicall

Tablet pillow should I buy

▸ The stand features a futuristic design shaped like the open jaws of a shark. Thanks to such a shape, the pillow is lighter, as less material is used to form it.

▸ You can set the tablet at three different angles, using special grooves in the base. The grooves are large and deep, so your tablet will not slide out, even if you use it with a case cover.

▸ A special shape is designed not only to reduce the weight. The major task is to prevent your tablet from overheating, especially during the charging.

▸ There is a large pocket on the back. You can use it to keep the cables and a powerbank. As a result, you can charge the tablet while using it, without making your sofa or bed too messy.

▸ You can store your digital pen safely, using a special stylus holder at the top side.

▸ This tablet pillow stand is offered by a trusted producer, Lamicall, and you can get it in one of three colors: Dark Gray, Dark Red, and Royal Blue.

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is $27.99.

⇢ Amazon

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