Where is the iPhone made? (chart)

From design to assembly, the iPhone is a product of many hands. Here’s a look at its complex production process.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. But how – and where – is it produced?

Finshots, a service behind 3-minute daily financial news, has shared on X an interesting visual that shows iPhone’s production process.

The production of an iPhone begins with the design and engineering work done at Apple’s headquarters in California.

The various parts of the iPhone are manufactured by different companies around the globe after the design is finalized.

The display is made by Samsung or LG in South Korea, the flash memory is made by Toshiba in Japan and Samsung in South Korea, and the A-series chipsets are made by TSMC in Taiwan and Samsung in South Korea.

The batteries are manufactured either in South Korea (Samsung) or China (Sunwoda Electric).

The final assembly of the iPhone is done mainly by Foxconn in China.

iPhone – made in the USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan… and this is not all, as the list is incomplete.

Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Source: Finshots on X

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