The chart compares prices of all iPhones so far, adjusted for inflation (iPhone 15 included)

Please note that this post and chart include the rumored price of iPhone 15, as the Apple Event 2023 will start in two hours.

Most iPhone 15 rumors predict a price increase of the Pro models, which may sound disappointing for potential buyers.

Things look different when you compare the prices that are adjusted for inflation.

Take a look at the chart that shows inflation-adjusted price of every iPhone. The chart was published three days ago on PerfectRec. It shows the U.S. retail price of an unlocked iPhone in 2023 dollars, for a version with the lowest memory.

If the rumored prices turn out to be real, the conclusions are surprising:

▸ The base iPhone 15 would be the most affordable model since the original iPhone released back in 2007 ($799 vs. $732).

The iPhone 15 Plus would be the most affordable large iPhone ever! ($899 vs. for instance $998 for iPhone 8 Plus in 2017).

▸ The cheapest Pro model was released in 2022. It’s iPhone 14 Pro, and its inflation-adjusted price is $1,031. iPhone Pro 15 is expected to cost $1,099.

Click on the chart to see it in full resolution, and make sure to visit the original article for more details and analysis.

PerfectRec is a personalized product recommendation site that uses a combination of human experts and machine learning to recommend the perfect products for your unique needs.

Via: Reddit

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