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Should I buy iPad mini 6 in 2021?

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Is it worth buying iPad mini 6, or should I go for discounted iPad mini 5? For me, the answer is simple.

iPad mini – current status

Compare current Apple iPad models - September 2021
Compare current iPad models / Source: Apple

iPad mini 5 is already 2.5 years old. It was launched in March 2019 and sports A12 Bionic chip with M12 coprocessor making it three times faster than its predecessor.

▸ On the outside, the iPad mini has not changed since almost ten years, with a large bezel, Home button, and curved edges.

iPad mini 6 may be launched on September 14, during the Apple event announcing Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13.

▸ iPad mini 6 is rumored to cost no less than iPad mini 5 – at least $400 for the entry-level variant.

▸ iPad mini will most probably feature an edge-to-edge design. The Home button will be replaced by the Touch ID located on the edge, just like in the latest iPad Air model.

▸ Generally, the iPad mini 6 is expected to look like small iPad Pro models – with little bezel and non-oval edge shape. Color range should be similar to iPad Air.

▸ Experts say that the newest iPad mini 6 would have a larger 8.3-inch display (compared to the 7.9-inch in the current model). Mini-LED technology is probable, but not confirmed.

Why you shouldn’t buy iPad mini 6 in 2021

Apple iPad mini 6 renders Behance
Apple iPad mini 6 renders / Art by Michael Ma, Behance

▸ Despite all the excitement about iPad mini 6, you should ask yourself a question: would I buy an 8-inch tablet for $400?

▸ A simple comparison: you can get an 8-inch Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus for 25% of that price.

▸ Even if the iPad mini 6 sports the mini-LED display, it wouldn’t impress you that much as on the 11 or 12.9-inch. By the way, both iPad Pro models still don’t have mini-LED.

▸ The total cost of the iPad mini 6 will be much higher, if you want to give it a basic protection. Having in mind different shape and dimensions, the only cases for the new model in the first weeks of after the launch would be the ones offered by Apple itself. It means you will overpay for accessories and cases as well.

▸ New iPad mini 6 cases and Apple cover alternatives should be offered by third-party case producers by the end of the year.

▸ The price of the iPad mini 6 won’t be reduced for Black Friday 2021. The model is too new for that.

▸ I would not even expect considerable price cuts on Amazon. However, you should be able to see up to 10% discounts on less popular variants of iPad mini 6 – and that is to happen only during the hottest shopping season – around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why iPad mini 5 could be worth the money in 2021

Apple iPad mini 5 in 2021
Apple iPad mini 5 / Image: Ebook Friendly

▸ On the other side of the story is the old iPad mini 5. It has the outdated look of the 1st generation iPad, but it sports the physical Home button, which some users might find much more reliable than Touch ID or Face ID.

▸ iPad mini 5 features A12 Bionic chip which is the same as in the iPad 10.2, so despite the fact it is the older model, it still sports a currently used technology. The processor would be more than enough to perform tasks you expect from an 8-inch tablet.

▸ iPad mini 5 will most probably be discontinued the day of the iPad mini 6 announcement. It will disappear from the Apple online store. The only way to get it would be third-party online stores: Amazon, Best Buy, or eBay.

▸ With the announcement of iPad mini 6, the price of the mini 5 should dramatically drop. I would not be surprised to see the entry-level variant to sell at below $300.

▸ Right now, you can find iPad mini 5 variants on Amazon that are offered with up to 25% off.

▸ Plus, you can get really affordable iPad mini 5 cases offered by third-party producers on Amazon and Etsy.

▸ The Amazon Marketplace of renewed electronics includes more and more refurbished iPad mini 5 devices. For instance, you can get the 64 GB version for even $80 less.

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