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Apple iPad mini 6 size comparisons vs mini 5 and iPad Pro

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iPad mini 6 vs Pro 11 and 12.9 size comparison

• iPad mini 6 has a larger 8.3-inch display, but its overall dimensions are smaller.
• Check out visualizations comparing iPad mini 6 with mini 5 and latest iPad Pro models.

iPad mini 6 is already available in Apple and Amazon online stores. The price for the entry-level version (64GB, Wi-Fi only) is the same as its predecessor – $499.

The 2021 mini is equipped with an iPad Pro like edge-to-edge design, a powerful A15 Bionic chip, and support for the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil (with wireless charging on the side).

Do you want to see how large the new model is? Do you worry it’s still too small? Or maybe it finally has the perfect size?

I have prepared a few size comparisons: with the iPad mini 5 and iPad Pro models.

First, let’s list the dimensions, in both inches and centimeters.

iPad mini 6 dimensions compared

Name – a common name used to describe the iPad model, Generation – official generation number in the iPad model series, Year – a year the model was released, Screen – screen size in inches, H/W/D – height / width / depth

Name Generation Year Screen Inches H/W/D Millimeters H/W/D
iPad mini 6 6th 2021 8.3″ 7.69 × 5.3 × 0.25 195.4 × 134.8 × 6.3
iPad mini 5 5th 2019 7.9″ 8.0 × 5.3 × 0.24 203.2 × 134.8 × 6.1
iPad Pro 11 3rd 2021 11″ 9.75 × 7.03 × 0.23 247.6 × 178.5 × 5.9
iPad Pro 12.9 5th 2021 12.9″ 11.04 × 8.46 × 0.25 280.6 × 214.9 × 6.4

You can find the dimensions of all generations of all iPad models in the complete iPad dimensions guide over at Ebook Friendly.

Are you going to buy a case for your new iPad mini? Make sure to check out the best new iPad mini 6 covers available right now.

iPad mini 6 vs mini 5 size comparison

Apple iPad mini 6 vs mini 5 size comparison

▸ iPad mini 6 has the larger display – 8.3-inch – versus 7.9-inch in the 5th-generation model.

▸ Despite the larger screen, the dimensions of the 6th-generation iPad mini are smaller. The height is lower by almost 8 millimeters.

▸ As you will see in the visualizations, the edge-to-edge display makes wonders when it comes to saving on the overall dimensions.

▸ Take a look at the display size comparison, if you want to see the difference between 7.9 and 8.3-inch screen. The display of iPad mini 6 is considerably larger.

▸ iPad mini 5 and mini 6 differ not only in dimensions, but also the shape, as well as position of buttons and ports. There is no way to use a dedicated iPad mini 5 cover with the 2021 model – and the other way around.

▸ iPad mini 6 has the same proportions as its predecessor. Any sleeve that fits the 5th-generation iPad mini, will fit iPad mini 6.

▸ The same with covers that use corner straps to hold the device in place. You can use them in both the iPad mini 5 and iPad mini 6.

▸ Are you hesitating between iPad mini 5 and mini 6? If you decide to get the earlier generation, you can save a lot of money – not only on the tablet (with its price continuously going down) but also lots of functional iPad mini 5 cases.

Size comparison iPad mini 6 vs mini 5
iPad mini 6 vs mini 5 display size comparison

iPad mini 6 can be preordered on Amazon, in the official Apple Reseller Store – simply scroll down the page to reveal the range of iPad mini 6 (2021) variants.

iPad mini 5 vs Pro 11 and 12.9 size comparison

iPad mini 6 vs Pro 11 and 12.9 size comparison

▸ How much of your efficiency can you sacrifice by choosing an 8.3-inch display instead of 11-inch?

▸ iPad mini will never be a smaller iPad Pro – it is too small for professional work (such as designing) or to turn it into a fully-fledged laptop replacement.

▸ iPad mini will also never be a more affordable alternative to iPad Pro or Air. The basic version of the latest iPad Air 4 (64 GB, Wi-Fi only) costs $600 – $200 more than iPad mini. $200 makes a hell of a difference. The problem is that you would never use the mini the way you’d use the Air.

▸ Apple Pencil take almost the entire height if the device.

▸ The 8-inch display makes the iPad mini “a passive-mode” device. You can use it for checking emails or social media, reading news and books, browsing the web, doodling, or playing Netflix videos. The smaller screen prevents you from performing more complex tasks.

▸ Sooner or later, you will end up using iPad mini as a supportive device, a replacement, in cases there is no sense of taking a MacBook Pro with you.

▸ Dedicated iPad mini 6 keyboard cases should be available in weeks, but I strongly advise not to buy them. The device is too small to make the reflective keyboard spacy enough to type conveniently. I recommend getting a standalone, foldable keyboard – take a look at this list.

▸ For a device that small – which is obvious when you compare it with iPad Pro models – the price set at $500 is simply too much.

▸ If you want a powerful iPad, you should go for iPad Pro 11.

Size comparison iPad mini 6 vs Pro 11
Apple iPad mini 6 vs Pro 11 display size comparison

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