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The newest Kindle for iOS app update groups and sorts books from single series

The new update of the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone groups books from one series, and puts them in the chronological order. It is enabled by default, but you can turn it off in the app’s settings.

The new update of the Kindle app may come unnoticed, as the App Store description is missing an important new feature.

Following the introduction of Group Series in Library for Kindle e-readers in December, the iOS & iPadOS app comes with the similar feature.

Kindle for iOS – Group Series in Library

Kindle for iOS group series in order

▸ Books from the same series come with a stack icon and the cover of the first volume in the series (left screenshot).

▸ If you search for a specific author or title, the book series will appear at the top of a list, but single titles will be also displayed.

▸ When you tap the cover of the book series, you will see the books in the chronological order – but only the books that you have in your Kindle library (middle screenshot).

▸ If you haven’t bought all the books from a single series, you can see the remaining ones by tapping “View all items in series” link at the top of the list. Tap “Hide books already in your library” to see only the books you haven’t got yet.

▸ The feature is rolling out to Kindle users, so you may not see all the book series grouped right away.

▸ Group Series in Library works for English language books purchased in the Kindle Store.

▸ The feature is available for both iPhone and iPad.

▸ You can turn the option off by going to More » Settings » Group Series in Library.

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