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7 must-have iPad and iPhone camping accessories for your next adventure

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Waterproof tablet sleeve - best camping accessories for iPad iPhone

• Waterproof solar powerbank with USB-C port for fast charging.
Retractable power strip with multiple USB ports.
Tactical molle pouch travel organizer – great for electronic accessories (+4 more…)

Has camping become your new way of living? Here are a few accessories that will keep your iPad and iPhone protected from the elements, more functional, and always charged.

Must-have iPad and iPhone camping accessories

1. Waterproof solar powerbank with USB-C port

Waterproof solar powerbank - best iPad iPhone camping accessories

▸ 36000 mAh is one of the largest capacities available right now. The larger the capacity, the safer you feel.

▸ You don’t need extendable solar panels. No matter whether one or four, they will only be an emergency way of recharging a powerbank. Sooner or later, you will need to find a plug.

▸ And that’s why, what you really need is a USB-C port. It will let you recharge the powerbank much quicker than the standard USB. This particular powerbank is using the USB-C port for both input and output – an important thing if you want to quickly charge your phone on the go.

▸ The powerbank for camping and outdoor activities should also be waterproof, and it’s not only about walking in the rain but also spending time in wet indoors. This device is dustproof and iPX5 rainproof.

▸ Universal compatibility – you can charge several mobile devices, including your iPad or iPhone, but also your camera, or camping rechargeable gear. The powerbank comes with over-voltage, over-current and over-heating protection.

▸ Other benefits: multi-mode flashlight (instead of a tent lamp), dual USB output port, micro-USB port, a hook with carabiner to attach to the backpack or inside a tent.

▸ The price at the time of writing this overview is $39.99.

Our score: 8.2/10

⇢ Amazon

2. Compact charger with USB-C port

Compact USB-C wall charger - best camping gear for iPad and iPhone

▸ When preparing for a trip, you have to pick up smaller and lighter accessories. And it doesn’t mean they have to be less efficient.

▸ A good camping power charger should be small but powerful. And by “powerful” I mean the one equipped with USB-C port for faster charging of your iPad and iPhone.

▸ The charger from Ugreen is what I was looking for. It’s small, but it features two ports that cover 90% of my devices:

USB-C with 18W is great for your iPad.

USB-A offers 12W wattage, and you can use it to charge your iPhone simultaneously.

The combined power from two ports is 30W, and the charger is still light and small.

▸ Ugreen claims that you will be able to recharge:

– Your iPhone 12, from 0% to 50% – in just 30 minutes.

– Your MacBook Air to 100% – in 2 hours, when using just the 18W USB-C port.

▸ With the built-in intelligent chip, the charger automatically matches the current your device needs.

▸ Ugreen dual port charger is a great option if you are going for a short trip.

▸ The current price is $19.99, but it will go up during the high shopping season.

⇢ Amazon

3. Retractable power strip with multiple USB ports

Retractable power strip USB-C - best iPad iPhone camping accessories

▸ Sometimes you have to recharge many devices at the same time, and a single power bank or compact power charger are simply not enough.

▸ What’s more, if you travel a lot, you know how hard it’s sometimes to find a power socket that’s easy to access. You need a power strip with a longer cord.

▸ What is the best camping charger? You may choose different port combinations, but one thing should be common: a cord that’s retractable or foldable. It makes it easy to manage all the gear if you have the cables in order.

▸ From Sarmert comes a power strip that’s compact (thanks to the round shape), and features a 3.3 feet extension cord that you can fold around.

▸ The charger is equipped with as many as five power outlets, but most importantly, you can use two standard USB ports, and one USB-C port.

▸ Plug in the power charger listed above, and you have 3 USB and 2 USB-C ports to be used at the same time.

▸ The price is $27.99, but it’s promotional, and I don’t know how long it’s going to be kept.

⇢ Amazon

4. 100W multi charging cable with optional USB/USB-C

100W multi charging cable with USB-C head - best iPad camping accessories

▸ Now, when you have the problem of power covered, let’s talk about the cable mess. Do you need to take the cord for any single device to need for camping? Obviously, not. You won’t be charging all those devices at once.

▸ How to make sure you will have enough cables with enough number of compatible ports? You can get an all-in-one multi charging cable from USAMS.

▸ The cable is highly versatile. On the input side, it features the USB-C head with a special cap that turns it into USB-A. This way, you will be able to plug it to any power source, and you will never end up in a land of incompatible ports.

▸ On the output side, there are three heads:

– USB-C with a 100W maximum charging speed.

– 20W port for charging iPhones and iPads.

– 18W port for charging micro-USB compatible devices.

▸ The cable has 6 built-in independent chips responsible for detecting and adjusting the maximum speed supported by the plugged-in device. Your device will be protected while charging at the maximum possible speed.

▸ You can also use this cable for data transfer, with the speed up to 480 Mbps.

▸ The length of the cable is 4 feet.

▸ The price is set at $19.99, higher than average due to the dual USB-A/C port. It’s one of only few products on Amazon with this feature.

⇢ Amazon

5. Multi-functional heavy-duty iPad case

Zugu heavy-duty iPad case - great for camping and outdoor activities

▸ If you are looking for extra ways to protect your iPad while on tour, and give it extra features, think about the multi-functional case from Zugu.

This robust heavy-duty case sports features an adjustable magnetic stand with at least seven different angles.

▸ The stand is formed by putting the kickstand into tiny grooves doubled by an internal magnetic fiberglass structure.

▸ Once you put the kickstand into a desired position, it will stay there no matter whether you watch movies, use your iPad as a cookbook, write an essay, or draw manga.

▸ Opposite to other iPad cases (such as tri-fold), this stand is the best option for uneven surfaces – something typical for camp grounds and tents.

▸ The magnets used in the front cover are strong enough to stick the iPad to a metal surface such as a fridge.

▸ Firm bumper edges are designed to give 360-degree 5-feet drop protection. The case is made of materials similar to those used in Mercedes-Benz cars.

▸ The same design is available for most iPad models, including iPad Pros, basic iPad, and iPad Air.

▸ Prices start at $49.99.

Our score: 8.0/10

⇢ Amazon

6. Waterproof tablet sleeve

Waterproof tablet sleeve - best camping accessories for iPad iPhone

▸ No iPad case gives protection against water. Until the iPad becomes waterproof itself (just like the iPhone is), you may need a dedicated solution.

▸ Obviously, you may put the iPad into one of your dry bags, together with other things. But if you need something especially for your mobile electronics, the waterproof tablet sleeve is a rescue.

▸ The one from CaseBuy is available in five different sizes, suitable for devices between 9 and 17-inches.

▸ The sleeve is made of waterproof nylon canvas fabric,which obstructs water and vapor effectively.

▸ There are two more inner layers that are designed to protect from jumps and scratches.

▸ You can use a large external pocket to quickly access your gear when it’s not raining.

▸ Pick up the size that’s a bit larger than your iPad, and you will be able to put inside the keyboard, iPhone and few other things.

▸ The current price is $9.99.

Our score: 7.7/10

⇢ Amazon

7. Tactical molle pouch travel organizer

Tactical molle pouch travel organizer - best iPad accessories for camping

▸ Even if you limit the number of electronics and accessories, it may turn out that you there are still so many that you need a special way to store them, especially when you plan a long trip.

▸ An obvious solution is a travel organizer bag. There are over 20,000 items on Amazon matching this phrase. I found a better idea. It turned out that the most suitable organizer for my powerbanks, cables, and chargers is an army molle pouch.

▸ A tactical admin molle pouch from Wynex has enough pulls to put inside all iPad and iPhone accessories and secure them.

▸ The pouch is closed by double zippers with pulls, allowing you to open up completely to the bottom.

▸ External straps can be used to attach the pouch to the bicycle’s handle so that the powerbank that’s inside is close enough to charge your iPhone mounted to the handlebar.

▸ Wynex pouch is made of 1,000-D military grade Cordura fabric coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Thanks to that, it’s moisture resistant and gives an extra layer of protection.

▸ The pouch is available in several colors. If you want to avoid looking military, just pick up the black variant.

▸ I am observing this product on Amazon. The price is flexible, but currently you can grab the pouch for only $13.99, which is 30% off.

Our score: 8.5/10

⇢ Amazon

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