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Here are 10 most interesting iPad mini 6 covers available so far

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• A surprisingly large number of third-party iPad mini 6 covers is already available on Amazon.
• You can find not only basic designs, but also innovative covers that it takes longer to develop.

Apple iPad mini 6 is here, and if you have already decided to invest in it, Amazon is a one-stop destination for both the tablet itself and compatible accessories.

iPad mini 6 can be preordered on Amazon, in the official Apple Reseller Store – simply scroll down the page to reveal the range of iPad mini 6 (2021) variants. It’s worth noting that some Wi-Fi + Cellular versions are offered at a lower price than on the Apple website.

Apple iPad mini 6 covers – things to know

The best iPad mini 6 2021 covers so far

▸ iPad mini 5 and mini 6 have different dimensions, shape, as well as position of buttons and ports. There is no way to use a dedicated iPad mini 5 cover with the 2021 model – and the other way around.

▸ iPad mini 6 has the same proportions as its predecessor, and is a bit smaller. Any sleeve that fits the 5th-generation iPad mini, will fit iPad mini 6.

▸ The same with covers that use corner straps to hold the device in place. You can use them in both the iPad mini 5 and iPad mini 6.

▸ Dedicated iPad mini 6 keyboard cases should be available in weeks, but I strongly advise not to buy them. The device is too small to make the reflective keyboard spacy enough to type conveniently. I recommend getting a standalone, foldable keyboard – take a look at this list.

▸ Are you hesitating between iPad mini 5 and mini 6? If you decide to get the earlier generation, you can save a lot of money – not only on the tablet (with its price continuously going down) but also lots of functional iPad mini 5 cases.

Best new iPad mini 6 2021 case covers so far

1. MoKo iPad mini 6 stand cover with Apple Pencil charging support

MoKo iPad mini 6 2021 tri-fold cover

▸ The cover from MoKo is an affordable alternative to the original Smart Cover.

▸ It is compatible with Apple Pencil. The slim right side lets you stick the stylus, allowing for charging and pairing.

▸ Support for auto wake/sleep is a standard, but just in case you asked – the cover supports Touch ID as well.

▸ You can choose from two lively colors: Light Green and Sky Blue. You can expect more colors to join the range in the nearest future.

▸ The current price on Amazon is $12.95. It will go up as soon as there are enough good ratings and reviews.

⇢ Amazon

2. Slim stand cover with translucent back

Tri-fold iPad mini 6 case with anti-fingerprint textured front

▸ The cover offers pretty the same benefits as the one listed above: Apple Pencil charging support, tri-fold stand, and flexible back.

▸ The only difference is the textured front cover, resembling leather. It’s a good solution if you want to avoid seeing your fingerprints all around.

▸ Plus, the cover is available in different colors, Navy Blue among them – the variant I would personally choose.

▸ The price for a case with 0 reviews and ratings is $17.99. DTTO is one of the most reputable case producers on Amazon, so the price is no surprise to me.

⇢ Amazon

3. Back-only rugged armor cover for iPad mini 6 (2021)

Spigen back-only rugged armour iPad mini 6 2021 cover

▸ From Spigen comes a simple and robust iPad mini 6 cover that’s perfect for anyone who is looking only for the protection of sides and back.

▸ The cover is flexible and offers Air Cushion technology. The inside, including the corners, features specially formed grooves that will absorb the shock much better than flat plastic.

▸ The product description says about full compatibility with the magnetic charging of Apple Pencil, but I don’t see any design element that would actually support this claim.

▸ The cover is finished in matte black and carbon fiber texture.

▸ The price set at the time of writing this overview: $19.99.

⇢ Amazon

4. Multi-functional magnetic cover with 4-angle stand

Multi-functional magnetic iPad mini 6 2021 cover

▸ Are you looking for a solid case made in the fashion of the iconic Zugu Muse? Zugu has not yet released the cover for iPad mini 6 (2021), but there is already an alternative.

▸ Although not as versatile as Zugu, the cover from Soke offers magnet-based stand technology, with four angle positions formed using a kickstand.

▸ Apple Pencil charging and pairing is supported. There is a robust slot on the right side which gives an extra protection from accidental drops.

▸ The surface is made to look like futuristic carbon fiber.

▸ The price is set at $29.99. Update: the cover is currently unavailable.

⇢ Amazon

5. Double-sided magnetic case with Apple Pencil foldover clasp

Double-sided magnetic iPad mini 6 2021 case cover

▸ This is the most interesting third-party iPad mini 6 (2021) offered so far.

▸ The case doesn’t use the plastic backshell, which is hard to detach, pretty ugly and bulky.

▸ Instead, the cover borrows the idea from Apple cases – it’s being attached by strong magnets, both on the front and back.

▸ Thanks for that, it is exceptionally easy to remove the cover when you don’t need it, for instance, if you make many handwritten notes, and the cover disturbs that process too much.

▸ Please note, that this kind of cover provides a weaker corner protection than covers featuring back shells.

▸ The cover comes with Apple Pencil charging and pairing support. To give the pen an extra protection, the producer added a special clasp that folds over the stylus attached to the side of your iPad mini 6.

▸ So far, there are four colors to choose from, including Black and Green.

▸ The initial price is not stable. I have noticed it jumping between $18.99 and $20.99.

⇢ Amazon

6. The cheapest iPad mini 6 third-party tri-fold cover so far

Cheapest tri-fold iPad mini 6 2021 cover so far

▸ If you are looking for the cheapest protection you can temporarily give to your iPad mini 6, the cover from DTTO is the one to check.

▸ The cover offers the standard set of tri-fold features, with a textured front, and non-transparent flexible back.

▸ Three colors to choose from are: Purple, Rose Gold, and Ice Blue.

▸ Currently, a special offer drives the price down to $11.99, which is the lowest one for tri-fold covers on Amazon so far.

⇢ Amazon

7. Tri-fold iPad mini 2021 cover with natural feel

Natural tri-fold iPad mini 2021 6th-generation cover

▸ The cover from Foluu gives all what other tri-fold iPad mini 6 covers offer: Apple Pencil charging and protection via built-in slot, stand functionality, auto sleep/wake support.

▸ What makes it stand out is the feel and color combination. The gray variant looks like being made of bleached denim (although it’s not).

▸ The gray color, the intensive natural texture – you can be sure no fingerprints will be visible.

▸ Plus, I really like the gray combined with pure black frame, which goes extremely well with the black front of the iPad mini 6.

▸ Foluu provides 30-day return & refund policy – a useful offer, having in mind that initial designs for a newly released iPad model may still not be fully tailored.

▸ The today’s price is $15.99.

⇢ Amazon

8. Hybrid clear case cover made of yellowing-resistant polyurethane

Hybrid clear iPad mini 6 cover with yellowing-resistant technology

▸ Sometimes the simplest is the best. If you are looking for a cover that offers basic protection and doesn’t draw too much attention, check out the design from ECR.

▸ This clear cover is super slim and “invisible.” It’s only 1.5 mm thick, but offers raised edges for around the display and camera cutout. This way, you get enhanced scratch protection without adding too much bulk.

▸ The cover supports Apple Pencil 2 charging. Its right side is thinner – thin enough to make the magnets do their work.

▸ Most importantly, the cover is made of the high-quality polyurethane that doesn’t become yellowish over time.

▸ This yellowing-resistant promise is actually something that I find very convincing, having in mind all my previous yellow-to-the-bones iPhone cases.

▸ The price on Amazon is $10.99 – one of the lowest for iPad mini 6 (2021) so far.

⇢ Amazon

9. Stand cover with secure Apple Pencil slot

Apple iPad mini 6 2021 cover with secure Apple pencil

▸ From Timovo comes the case cover that will ensure an extra protection for you Apple Pencil.

▸ The back shell is extended to the right side, forming a robust stylus slot. This way, your Apple Pencil will be protected from damage while charging.

▸ The cover features shock buffer zones on both the top and bottom of the pen holder to make your Apple Pencil withstand accidental drops and bumps.

▸ To remove the pen, simply push it through the hole.

▸ The case cover is available is several color variants, but some of them are currently unavailable.

▸ The price offered right now is $14.95.

⇢ Amazon

10. Functional iPad mini 6 compatible sleeve

Functional tablet sleeve - fits iPad mini 6 2021

▸ If you still haven’t found the cover that’s good enough for your iPad mini 6, take a different approach – get a sleeve that will serve more than one tablet.

▸ The sleeve can protect your iPad while you are waiting for the right case cover, but it will also offer a few other benefits:

– It will give extra space for accessories, such as AirPods or cables.

– It will protect your Apple Pencil if you don’t get a case with a pen holder.

– If you choose the sleeve that’s larger than your iPad mini size, you can even pack into an external keyboard.

▸ This particular sleeve from MoKo comes with a few pockets. Except the main compartment, there are a few smaller pockets inside, plus a large external zipped pocket.

▸ The sleeve is made of premium-quality polyester that’s water splash-proof. The interior is lined with soft and thick material, giving protection from scratches and bumps.

▸ The current price is $22.99. Not too much, having in mind it may serve not one but many tablets.

⇢ Amazon

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