How to search single artist’s portfolio on Freepik

Freepik how to search single artist resources

1. Use the Freepik search box to browse through matching results.
2. Once you find the right picture, go to its artist’s home page and click the “Next page” button.
3. At the end of the url, add the search query. is a fantastic source of free and low-cost photographs, mock-up documents, icons, and vector graphics.

I use it almost every day. For two years, I’m on a paid plan giving access to over 12.5 million resources, and I don’t regret a single penny.

Problem with Freepik search

It’s easy to get lost in millions of photographs. Once you spot the one that hits your imagination, you want to explore other pictures from the same photo shoot or other pictures from the same artist.

And here comes the problem: Freepik doesn’t provide an easy way to search through single artist resources.

Usually , when you land on your favorite artist’s page, you realize there are hundreds or thousands of other pictures here. How to find the ones that meet your search query?

Don’t try to type in the Freepik search box the artist’s name followed by the keyword – it doesn’t work.

Freepik: search single artist’s portfolio with this tip

Luckily, there is an easy workaround. Freepik handles url addresses in a certain way, and this is what we will use.

1. Visit Freepik website and type a search query in the search box at the top.

2. When you find the right picture, go to the front page of its author. Please note that your search query is still visible in the search box.

3. Scroll down the page and click on “Next page ⇢” button.

Freepik search single artist portfolio

An active search phrase forces the url of the second page of the artist’s portfolio to include two elements that are needed to filter results by author:

  • Author ID
  • Author slug

In the url address, you will see something like that:

Freepik how to search single artist resources

The url doesn’t, however, include the search phrase. We will need to do it manually.

4. At the end of the url address of the page, add the following part:


If you are looking for “woman reading book,” your query will look like that (replace spaces with “+”):


Example: I wanted to find photos of a black t-shirt for my new RedBubble shop. One of my favorite Freepik artists is cookie_studio.

The full url to images that answer “black t-shirt” query and come from a single artist cookie_studio is the following:

5. You may want to replace page=2 with page=1 to go back to the first page of search results – this time answering your specific search query.

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