Most functional iPad mini 6 compatible keyboards (list)

Best iPad mini 6 compatible keyboards
Standalone keyboards compatible with the latest iPad mini 6

∙ Standalone keyboards are much better for your iPad mini 6 than any dedicated keyboard case.
∙ They can be used with multiple devices, now and in the future.
∙ They are larger than iPad mini 6 itself.

iPad mini 6 is here for a while, and, while having a larger 8.3-inch display, it’s actually smaller than its predecessor. It may make you think whether getting a dedicated iPad mini 6 keyboard case would be a good idea. It’s not.

Instead, take a look at a roundup of standalone keyboards that are compatible with your iPad mini 6. All have two common benefits:

▸ They are larger than the size of any iPad mini 6 keyboard case.

▸ They can be used not only with your iPad mini but also other Apple devices (iPhone, Mac) and other operating systems.

When you get a universal keyboard to be used primarily with your new iPad mini, you would use it with any new devices for several years.

Make sure to also explore iPad mini 6 cases and covers.

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Best new iPad mini 6 compatible keyboards

Ergonomic V-shape wireless keyboard

Ergonomic V-shape wireless keyboard for iPad mini 6
MoKo ergonomic V-shape wireless keyboard for iPad mini 6 / Image: Amazon

▸ Offered by MoKo, this innovative V-shaped ergonomic tablet keyboard could easily fit into the side pocket of your Fire sleeve.

▸ When folded, the keyboard is 6.4 × 3.8 × 0.4 inches. It weighs only 138.8 grams (4.9 ounces).

▸ The full-size keyset with innovative, ergonomic V-shaped frosting surface provides excellent sense of touch and comfortable typing experience.

▸ When you open the keyboard, it automatically turns on.

▸ Built-in rechargeable battery supports 40-hour continuous use. When in a stand-by mode, the keyboard runs for up to 30 days without the need to recharge.

▸ A tailored keyboard case the size of iPad mini 6 will never give you a typing comfort like this.

⇢ Amazon – $25.99

Slim, 2 x AAA battery universal keyboard

2 x AAA battery iPad mini 6 keyboard
Slim, iPad mini 6 compatible keyboard powered by 2 AAA batteries / Image: Amazon

▸ This solid but lightweight Bluetooth-enabled keyboard from Omoton is compatible with iPad/iPhone and Android devices, so it’s a perfect cross-platform keyboard, no matter which devices your family members use.

▸ The keyboard offers a reasonable key combination, with QWERTY layout and hotkeys that you can even customize.

▸ With 2 AAA batteries and automatic sleep mode, you can use it continuously for up to 30 days. It’s a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to rely on built-in batteries that need to be recharged.

▸ The keyboard has a perfect size. It’s big enough for your fingers to type conveniently and small enough to be put inside a bag without taking too much space.

▸ Omoton’s popular wireless keyboard is available in as many as six colors: Black, Steel Gray, White, Gold, Rose Gold and Rose Gold. The Gold variant is a great color match for the Starlight iPad mini 6.

Our score: 7.9/10

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

Innovative folding keyboard with a built-in stand

Innovative folding full-size keyboard for iPad mini 6
This folding keyboard with a built-in stand is compatible with iPad mini 6 / Image: Amazon

▸ Almost all foldable keyboards are being folded from top to bottom, either once or twice. The keyboard offered by Geyes is entirely different.

▸ It folds twice along the lines that spread from left to right. This solution comes with one extra benefit: the upper side of the keyboard frame can be used as a stand, so there is no need to buy one.

▸ The stand has the width of a keyboard, so it’s stable and can be used on uneven surfaces. Plus, it’s wide enough not only to place your iPad mini 6 (in a portrait view) but also your iPhone.

▸ After folding, the keyboard resembles a replaceable laptop battery. As its proportions are unusual, you will probably need to reorganize your laptop or accessory bag space.

▸ The Geyes keyboard is available in either Black or Silver. Which one is a better match for your iPad mini 6?

⇢ Amazon – $32.99

Desktop keyboard with integrated stand

Desktop keyboard with integrated stand fits iPad mini 6
Standalone keyboard with integrated stand, ready for iPad mini 6 / Image: Amazon

▸ The keyboard from Nulaxy is compatible with Android (Amazon Fire), Window, and iOS operating systems, so you will be able to use it even if you switch from Fire to iPad or devices with other operating systems.

▸ It provides a highly comfortable typing experience, thanks to full-sized highly responsive keys that are quiet and soft.

▸ The keyboard automatically goes to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.

▸ The biggest benefit of the Nulaxy keyboard is that you don’t have to recharge it. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries, and can last up to 90 days, based on two hours of daily use.

▸ The most interesting and useful feature of the Nulaxy keyboard is the stand that you can slide out from the back of the keyboard. Thanks to that, you can place your iPad mini 6 at a comfortable viewing angle.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

Full-size keyboard with function keys and numeric pad

Full-sized keyboard optimized for iPad
Desktop keyboard with multiple hot keys and numeric pad – works with iPad mini 6 / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are looking for a keyboard that features not only a row of iPad compatible function keys, but also a numeric pad, you should take a look at the one from Omoton.

▸ Omoton claims this keyboard is optimized for iPad and iPhone, with function keys that you can use to manage brightness, volume, mute, play/pause, and previous/next.

▸ On top of that, the keyboard comes with numeric keys, as well as all four arrow keys.

▸ There are 95 keys in total. They are low-profile, well spaced, and quiet, resulting in improved typing experience.

▸ The keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries. They are enough for 30 days of continuous use.

▸ This Bluetooth keyboard pairs seamlessly with your iPad at a range up to 33 feet (10 meters), and it automatically connects to previously connected devices for successive sessions.

▸ There are two colors to choose from: Black and Silver.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

Numeric keyboard compatible with iPad and Mac

Numeric keyboard compatible with iPad mini 6 and Mac
Numeric keyboard compatible with iPad (including iPad mini 6) and Mac / Image: Amazon

▸ What’s the biggest problem you may have with typing on your iPad mini 6. Is it the size of keys or the lack of number keys?

▸ Sometimes all you need to improve typing on your iPad is a keypad that extends the virtual on-screen keyboard with most used number keys.

▸ Such a keypad would be useful not only for your iPad mini but also a MacBook laptop.

▸ From Macally comes a highly popular Bluetooth keypad that includes 35 keys you may use most often, including numbers, function keys, page down/up, and arrows.

▸ The keypad is designed in the fashion of Apple keyboards and is compatible not only with iPad and iPhone, but also Mac, Windows, and Android – something that will serve you not for just one year and one model.

▸ The Macally numeric keyboard features a built-in 300 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 month of average usage.

▸ “This numeric keypad will keep your desk clean and cable clutter free while being ideal for on the go situations.”

Our score: 7.3/10

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

Multi-device keyboard with stand cradle

Multi-device keyboard with stand and numeric keys iPad mini 6 compatible
Large keyboard with stand cradle for multiple devices, iPad and iPhone, among them / Image: Amazon

▸ A full-sized keyboard with numeric keys, row of function keys and shortcuts, and a built-in stand? meet Arteck – a retro style keyboard that has it all.

▸ The keyboard over 16 in (40 cm) wide, so it’s definitely not a portable solution. However, it’s perfect as a stationary keyboard that you can use with your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and any Android or Windows device. You can connect 3 devices at the same time and select the active one with Bluetooth priority keys.

▸ The most noticeable features of the keyboard are its retro-style keys. They are round, with highlighted edges for better recognition, and comfortable spaces between.

▸ What’s very helpful is a cradle that extends from one side to another. You can put your iPad in here, so there is no need to use a separate stand. The cradle is wide enough to hold also two iPhones.

▸ Arteck claims the battery life is 6 months, based on two hours of continuous use per day.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99

Colorful vintage keyboard with round keys

Colorful vintage-style keyboard for iPad mini and Mac
Vintage keyboard with round keys, available in several colors / Image: Amazon

▸ A keyboard can be not only a tool to improve writing efficiency, but also a fun and inspiring object that makes you want to write more and more.

▸ Cool, colorful vintage-style Bluetooth keyboards are taking online stores by storm. The one I have chosen is available in seven eye-catching color combinations, including the Chocolate Brown shown above.

▸ The keyboard includes as many as 84 keys, including 12 multimedia key combinations that will make your work more convenient.

▸ The keys are round, high, and ergonomic. They have a matte feel and shaped surface to make your fingers type more comfortably.

▸ Please note that this keyboard is compatible only with devices that sport Bluetooth 5.0 module.

⇢ Amazon – $33.99

Foldable keyboard with a touchpad

Double-fold iPad mini 6 keyboard with touchpad
This keyboard with a touchpad is foldable and support iPadOS touchscreen / Image: Amazon

▸ From Samsers comes a highly popular Bluetooth keyboard that features a double-fold design, with the right side hiding a touchpad.

▸ The touchpad will work not only with your iPad mini 6 but also any iPhone or iPad that runs on iOS 13.4 or later. Plus, it’s also compatible with Android and Windows-powered tablets and smartphones.

▸ The keyboard is made of premium aircraft-grade aluminum to improve durability and scratch resistance (and it has a great look, too).

▸ The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery will last up to 560 hours of stand-by time and 48 hours usage.

▸ You need up to three hours to recharge the keyboard completely. To save battery life, the keyboard will be automatically put to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.

▸ Samsers offers 30-day money-back guarantee, 24-hour email service, and 1 year worry-free warranty.

Our score: 7.5/10

⇢ Amazon – $31.99

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