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What are the pros and cons of Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard?

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Major advantages are: lightweight design, laptop experience, and long battery life. Main disadvantages: limited compatibility and lack of touchpad.

Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard at a glance

Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard costs $49.99 and is designed specifically for Amazon Fire HD 10 and HD 10 Plus models released in 2021.

▸ The keyboard includes two parts: a laptop-like physical keyboard, and a detachable frame for a tablet that doubles as a backshell cover.

Amazon Fire HD 10 2021 Bluetooth keyboard pros cons

▸ The keyboard case is a part of Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle that includes also the tablet and 12-month subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal. The price of the bundle is $200, and your savings are $50 (the total price of elements sold separately is $270).

▸ Auto sleep and wake feature is supported in both the tablet and keyboard. Simply close the cover to put both the keyboard and Fire into a sleep mode. The keyboard will enter its own sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

▸ The tablet frame-cover is designed by a reputable case producer Fintie. It attaches to the keyboard using magnetic hooks, and lets you instantly adjust the viewing angle.

▸ The keyboard with the Fire mounted is well balanced – the tablet’s weight, especially in the lowest angle, will not make it tip over.

▸ The keyboard charges via USB-C cable, the same type that comes with Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet.

Benefits of Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard case

Benefits of Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard case 2021

▸ This dedicated Fire HD 10 keyboard is much slimmer and lighter than traditional keyboard cases that put the keyboard inside a book-like cover.

▸ Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard offers a seamless angle adjustment, not just a few fixed angles that are offered by standard keyboard cases. Thanks to that, the case effectively turns your Fire tablet into a 10-inch laptop.

▸ The fact that the tablet frame serves as a cover offers full protection of the Fire tablet: the cover protects the back, while the keyboard protects the display.

▸ The fact that the keyboard connect with the Fire via Bluetooth is good in a sense that it can be used with other Bluetooth tablets, for instance other Fire tablets at home. Please note that you won’t be able to use the hook mechanism to use any other tablet as a keyboard monitor.

▸ The battery life is impressive. You can use Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard for up to 400 hours without recharging. If you used it for 8 hours a day, you would need to recharge it after two months. It can stay in a stand-by mode for 365 days – yes, the entire year.

Disadvantages of Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard

▸ It is fully compatible only with one model: Amazon Fire HD 10 (Regular and Pro variants). Yes, you can connect it with other tablets via Bluetooth, but you will need to use a separate stand to place the tablet at a suitable viewing angle.

▸ The keyboard lacks the touchpad. It was not a big deal a year ago, but right now we observe the growing demand for compact mobile keyboards with trackpads, especially that mobile operating systems make is now easy to use third-party touchpad solutions.

▸ It’s a pity that the keyboard can’t be recharged with Wireless Charging Dock, a convenient stand that lets recharge Amazon Fire HD 10 Pro (not Regular) without the need to plug any cable.

▸ When you detach the keyboard, the front of the Fire HD 10 becomes unprotected. If you want to prevent the display from scratches and dust, you will need to use either a separate tablet sleeve, or keep the keyboard attached (the latter solution means more bulk).

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Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard case is it worth it

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