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Will my old case fit iPad Pro 11 2021?

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Yes, it will – if you can live with the speakers being partially covered. Read the full explanation below.

Note: Read about iPad Pro 12.9 2021 case compatibility

iPad Pro 11 2021 case compatibility – highlights

▸ The dimensions, camera panel, ports and buttons are the same. You will be able to put your old 2020 case on the 2021 iPad Pro 11 without any problem.

▸ However, the position of speakers has been changed. Speakers are now closer to the center, and speaker holes are bigger. If you put your old backshell case on the iPad Pro 11 2021, it will cover about 30% of the speakers.

iPad Pro 11 2021 case compatibility – facts

▸ The dimensions of the 2021 11-inch iPad Pro are the same as in the 2020 model.

▸ Apple claims that Smart Folio for iPad Pro 11 (3rd generation) is also compatible with 2nd-generation (2020) and 1st-generation (2018).

▸ Smart Folio covers only the back and the front of the iPad Pro, so the speakers are not the issue. Your 2020 or 2018 Smart Folio is 100% compatible with iPad Pro 11 2021.

▸ Some Mac forum users suggest that the iPad Pro 11 2021 has a slightly different camera panel that will not fit into the old case. I have checked it out – the camera panel is exactly the same. Read the explanation below.

▸ Third-party case producers on Amazon claim their new iPad Pro 11 2021 cases are incompatible with older models. Some users think this might be a marketing trick. I believed that case producers got confused with iPad Pro 12.9 2021 case compatibility issue and assumed the same problem was with the smaller 11-inch model. No, the real problem is the speakers.

▸ Almost all third-party cases use a plastic frame that will partially cover speaker holes in the 2021 iPad Pro 11.

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iPad Pro 11 2021 – camera, buttons, and port are the same

You can be 100% sure your old iPad Pro 11 case will fit the new model. You will not have any problem with putting it on or removing.

The following elements are the same in the iPad Pro 11 from 2021 and 2020/2018:

  • Camera panel – the position, size, and shape.
  • Volume buttons – the position, size, and shape.
  • Power button – the position, size, and shape.
  • USB-C port – the port now serves as Thunderbolt, but its size and shape is the same. Read more facts about iPad Pro 2021.

I have compared high-resolution images of the most crucial part: the camera corner. To find the image for iPad Pro 2020, I have used Wayback Machine – image was captured on April 2, 2020.

iPad Pro 11 2021 - case compatibility camera and buttons

As you see in the animation above, the camera panel is the same and in the same place. The buttons are also unchanged.

iPad Pro 11 2021 – the old case limits the use of speakers

As I said earlier, you can be 100% sure you can use your old case with the new iPad Pro 11, released in 2021.

The only problem is with the speakers. They are moved closer to the center; there are fewer holes (8 instead of 13 for each speaker), and the holes are bigger. Approximately 30% of the new speakers will be covered by the old case.

Therefore, you may have:

  • The aesthetics problem
  • The problem with the sound – you may need to increase the volume to achieve the same level as in the older model.

To see the difference in speaker position, I have used the images of the Magic Keyboard. The white Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 is taken from a current product page in the Apple online store. For an archived image of Magic Keyboard designed for iPad Pro 11 2020, I have used Wayback Machine.

Will old case fit iPad Pro 11 2021 - speakers covered
Speakers have been moved in the 2021 iPad Pro 11. The old case will cover 30% of the speakers. Click or tap the image to enlarge.

If you can live with a limited speaker functionality, you can use your old case and save money.

Make sure to check out a list of the best iPad Pro 11 cases that’s curated by our sister site Ebook Friendly.

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