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The most solid iPad Pro 11 2021 compatible stand cases so far

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• The cutouts in newly released iPad Pro 11 2021 cases have been adjusted to new speaker positions.
• You can also buy cases designed for the 2020 iPad Pro 11 model, but keep in mind that the speakers will be partially hidden.

iPad Pro 11 2021 cases – things to keep in mind

▸ The 2021 11-inch iPad Pro has the same dimensions, as well as the position of the camera, ports and buttons, as the 2020 model.

▸ However, the speakers have been moved to the center, both on top and bottom. Read the full explanation: Will my old case fit iPad Pro 11 2021?

▸ Make sure to check the producer’s description. Look for the text “compatible with iPad Pro 11 2021.” Also, look for the date the product was added to the store’s offer. If it was released in the recent weeks, it was surely designed for iPad Pro 11 2021 model.

▸ I have observed that some iPad Pro 11 2021 compatible cases still cover the speaker area – either to make the plastic frame more rigid or to achieve backwards compatibility.

▸ You can always buy the case designed for iPad Pro 11 2020 – if you can live with approximately 30% of the speakers being covered by the frame of the case.

▸ In the following list, you will see the cases that were tailored for the newest iPad Pro 11 model released in 2021 – the ones that solve the speaker cutout issue. There are still few customer reviews, but these cases are proven designs that worked very well with iPad Pro 11 2020.

▸ Make sure to check out a list of the best iPad Pro 11 cases and sleeves that’s curated by our sister site Ebook Friendly.

Top iPad Pro 11 2021 stand cases to get right now

ESR Rebound tri-fold case with Apple Pencil holder

ESR Rebound iPad Pro 11 2021 tri-fold stand case

▸ The Rebound case from ESR is a proven slim design with a tri-fold Smart Folio like front cover.

▸ On the right side, there is a slot for your Apple Pencil. Place the stylus here, and it will be both recharged and protected.

▸ The case features a soft flexible back that feels surprisingly natural and provides a secure non-slip grip.

▸ The stand is being formed by folding back the front cover. You can put the device in either a horizontal position (great for writing) or vertical position (for watching movies or making video calls).

▸ You can choose from three colors: Gray, Black, and Forest Green.

⇢ Amazon – $19.99

Soke Composition Book with enhanced protection

Soke Composition Book iPad Pro 11 2021 stand case

▸ Are you a fan of a legendary Composition Book design like I am? You can already get a case for iPad Pro 11 2021 with that design – which gives a few extra features.

▸ The stylish pattern is being combined with and enhanced protection: the back is made of multi-layer TPU plastic with raised corners.

▸ The back shell hides the Apple Pencil holder, which is placed on the right side – where the stylus can be wirelessly recharged.

▸ The case supports auto sleep / wake feature, and comes with a built-in stand that offers two viewing angles: vertical and horizontal.

▸ You can choose from three Composition Book colors: Black, Violet, and Wine.

⇢ Amazon – $18.99

UAG Metropolis heavy-duty stand case

UAG Metropolis iPad Pro 11 2021 protective stand case

▸ The iconic UAG Metropolis case is now adjusted to iPad Pro 11 model released in 2021.

▸ Enhanced corner protection makes the frame solid and quite thick, with oversized buttons and tailored cutouts. Speaker cutouts are split in two for each speaker.

▸ The case features an innovative feather-light composite construction combined with impact resistant soft core. Thanks to that, it meets military drop test standards MIL STD 810G 516.6.

▸ The case is made of water-resistant soft tactile grip material.

▸ The built-in stand offers three viewing angles.

▸ The case is compatible with wireless Apple Pencil 2 charging and supports auto sleep / wake feature.

▸ You can’t combine UAG Metropolis case with Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard.

▸ There are three colors to choose from: Black, Cobalt, and Magma.

⇢ Amazon – $59.99

Soke stand case with the brushed texture

Soke tri-fold stand cover for iPad Pro 11 2021

▸ From Soke comes an interesting tri-fold case that offers all standard features and one exceptional benefit: the brushed texture.

▸ The brushed surface is featured both on the back and the front. It makes the case look technological, like it’s been made of brushed steel.

▸ The case supports wireless charging of the Apple Pencil 2, as well as auto sleep / wake feature.

▸ On the picture above, you will see the cutouts on the edges. The speaker holes are specific for the iPad Pro 11 2021.

▸ The case is available in four brushed texture color variants. I like the Teal version, but you can also choose Navy, Citrus, or Black.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99

MoKo tri-fold hard shell stand case

MoKo iPad Pro 11 2021 hardshell tri-fold stand case

▸ Here is another tri-fold case – this time from a trusted case producer MoKo.

▸ MoKo is one of Amazon’s most popular tablet accessory brands, with average reviews regularly exceeding 4.5 stars.

▸ What’s special about this case is an idea for a backshell. Instead of flexible (and quite thick) silicone, you have an extremely hard polycarbonate polymer that’s thin and transparent (with a frosted glass effect), showing the beauty of your iPad at all times.

▸ The hard shell keeps the device in place by just corner hooks. Thanks to that, most of the edges are left open, just like in Smart Folio cover.

▸ You can attach the Apple Pencil to the side, and it will start recharging. Please note, that the stylus is left unprotected.

▸ ESR Rebound case is available in six colors, including Space Gray, Black, and Sky Blue.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

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