How to choose the best keyboard for Amazon Fire tablet

Which keyboard for Amazon Fire tablet - comparison

Do you hesitate between a dedicated keyboard case and a universal tablet keyboard? Check out these tips and comparisons.

Are you going to use your new Amazon Fire tablet not only for watching movies, playing games, and reading ebooks? You are probably thinking about a keyboard that would increase productivity and make writing less frustrating.

There are two kinds of Bluetooth keyboards you can get for your Amazon Fire:

A dedicated keyboard case – it usually looks like a bit enlarged book-style cover and hides a detachable keyboard inside. It only fits a one specific tablet model.

A universal keyboard – you can use it with your current Fire but also any other tablet or smartphone.

How to pick the best keyboard for Amazon Fire?

Which keyboard for Amazon Fire tablet - comparison

The choice depends on nothing else than your very needs. Before you start to explore available products, answer these simple questions:

Do I want to use the keyboard with more than one device? If the answer is “yes,” go for universal keyboard. They are standalone accessories that usually come with convenient device toggle so that you can connect a few devices simultaneously.

Do I want to use the keyboard with Amazon Fire 7 or HD 8? These tablets are small. Any dedicated keyboard case would offer a limited space for keys, and most probably the number of function keys would be limited. If the answer is “yes,” go for a larger universal keyboard.

Do I want to want the keyboard with touchpad? If the answer is “yes,” you should start looking among universal keyboards, first. Universal keyboards are usually more advanced as they are sold in larger quantities, so producers can can invest more money in their development.

Do I want the keyboard to be as compact as possible? Dedicated keyboard cases are the size of the tablet. If you want a smaller option than that, you should go for a universal foldable tablet keyboard.

Do I want to have the keyboard and a stand in one? 100% of keyboard cases offer the stand functionality, but some universal keyboards come with stand features as well, for instance a groove a foldable integrated stand, or a standalone stand that comes in the same package.

Do I want to use the keyboard on a sofa or in bed? If the answer is “yes,” forget about universal keyboards. Only keyboard cases are stable enough when you write on uneven surfaces.

If you want to explore the best options that are currently available, take a look at the list of the top Amazon Fire keyboards and keyboard cases frequently updated on our sister site Ebook Friendly.

Pros and cons of a keyboard case

Good stuff Bad stuff
• Perfectly fits the tablet, without adding too much bulk
• 2 in 1: functionality of a keyboard and protective features of a case
• Built-in stand, usually with multiple angles
• Usually, the keyboard panel is detachable – remove it when you don’t need it, while still keeping the case
• It is compatible with only one Fire model
• Even if the keyboard is removed, the case is heavier than most slim case covers
• The size of a keyboard depends on the size of a tablet; it can’t be any bigger
Benefits of Amazon Fire HD 10 keyboard case 2021
Amazon Fire HD 10 dedicated keyboard case

⇢ Fire keyboard cases

Pros and cons of a standalone keyboard

Good stuff Bad stuff
• Compatible with multiple devices, not just one; you can use it with your tablet or smartphone
• A lot of various models to choose from – you can pick up the keyboard that fits your needs perfectly
• Most universal keyboards can be folded to make them as portable as possible
• The keyboards are more advanced that dedicated case – there are several models that offer a trackpad.
• You will have to remember to take the keyboard with you
• You may need to invest in a protection, for instance, get a sleeve bag that fits both the Fire and the keyboard
• It’s difficult to use the keyboard on uneven surfaces, for instance in a bed or on a sofa.
• You will have to have a separate stand to place the Fire at the right angle.
Jelly Comb foldable Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad

⇢ universal keyboards

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