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Which cases will fit iPad Air 4 2020?

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1. Your old iPad Air case will not fit the new iPad Air 4.
2. You may try putting a case designed for iPad Pro 11 2020.
3. The best decision: wait for cases designed specifically for iPad Air 4.

The 4th-generation iPad Air is available for preorder (you can buy it on Amazon for $599). The 10.9-inch 2360 × 1640 px display is put inside an aluminum body that has dimensions similar to iPad Pro 11 released in 2020.


iPad Air 4

  • 9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24 inches
  • 247.6 × 178.5 × 6.1 millimeters

iPad Pro 11

  • 9.75 × 7.03 × 0.23 inches
  • 247.6 × 178.5 × 5.9 millimeters

iPad Air 3

  • 9.87 × 6.85 × 0.24 inches
  • 250.6 × 174.1 × 6.1 millimeters

Your iPad Air 3 will not fit iPad Air 4

  • The 2020 Air 4 is wider than Air 3 by 4 millimeters.
  • Any case that was designed specifically for iPad Ar 3 will not fit the new model.
  • You may use an iPad Air 3 sleeve. Sleeves usually have more space to enable users to easily put the tablet in and out.
  • You will definitely use an iPad Air 3 sleeve if it was fitting your iPad Air 3 with a case on it.

You may use iPad Pro 11 cases and sleeves

  • The width and height of iPad Pro 11 and iPad Air 4 are identical.
  • iPad Air 4 is 0.2 millimeters thicker than iPad Pro 11.
  • iPad Pro 11 cases with leather frame or corner straps are compatible with iPad Air 4.
  • iPad Pro 11 cases that use plastic frame to hold the tablet in place may be too tight to fit iPad Air 4.
  • The camera cutout in cases designed for iPad Pro 11 is much larger than what’s needed in iPad Air 4 – something that’s not acceptable by perfectionists.

Go for iPad Air 4 compatible cases

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