Why you should not buy iPad mini 6 keyboard case

Is iPad mini 6 keyboard case worth it

∙ A dedicated case should have the size of the iPad mini 6 itself – too small for comfortable typing
∙ You will use it only with this single device.

▸ One of the biggest problems with iPad mini 6 is that you can’t use it as a laptop replacement. Although looking like an iPad Pro, it will never be a cheaper iPad Pro. It’s not about performance. It’s about the size.

Size comparison - iPad mini 6 vs Pro 11 and Pro 12.9
Size comparison – iPad mini 6 vs Pro 11 and Pro 12.9 / Image: Geek Updated

▸ While iPad mini 6 sports a larger 8.3-inch display, compared to the 7.9-inch iPad mini 5, its overall dimensions are smaller.

▸ iPad mini 6 is too small for professional use that requires a high finger and stylus precision. Sooner or later, you may end up using it for writing, social media, emails, news, and web browsing.

▸ You may think that adding a keyboard case would solve the size problem. Think twice.

▸ A tailored iPad mini 6 case would have to be the size of iPad mini 6, not even slightly larger. So far, there are no tablet keyboard cases that would feature an integrated foldable keyboard that would extend behind the case.

▸ “Fine,” you may think, “I will check out Apple’s own keyboard cases for iPad mini 6.” Unfortunately, there are none. There is no Magic Keyboard for iPad mini 6. There is no Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad mini 6. There is no Smart Keyboard for iPad mini 6. Apple doesn’t think a dedicated keyboard case the size of iPad mini 6 makes sense at all.

▸ Are you still determined to explore possibilities? There are already a few iPad mini 6 keyboard cases on Amazon (and they have surprisingly good reviews). Anyway, I don’t like any of them, and the reason is the same: they are too small.

Is iPad mini 6 keyboard case worth it
ProCase keyboard case for iPad mini 6 2021 / Image: Amazon

▸ For typing, you will rotate the iPad mini 6 to landscape position. The height (now the width) of iPad mini 6 is smaller than the width of a letter size or A4 size sheet. Try to place two palms on a piece of paper and mimic typing on a keyboard. Too tight? I think so.

▸ Let’s see some numbers. The width of a keyboard integrated into an iPad mini 6 keyboard case would be 7.69 in (195 mm) the most. The width of the keyboard area in the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019 model) is 10.83 in (275 mm) – over 40% wider.

▸ You may still be able to use the iPad mini 6 keyboard case – but only if you have tiny palms and fingers. And a strong determination. What’s the reason for this determination, anyway?

▸ A dedicated accessory guarantees you will use it seamlessly, but this rule doesn’t work when you consider getting a keyboard for iPad mini 6.

▸ Instead of a keyboard case, think about separate keyboards. Foldable or not, they are larger than any iPad mini 6 keyboard case, and they can be used with many other devices, for much longer than the time you will use your iPad mini 6.

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