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One Amazon Fire HD 8 feature I’d like to see in the iPad

One Fire HD 8 that should be used in iPad

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet released in June 2020 comes with one feature that dramatically changes the way you use it. It’s surprising that other tablet producers haven’t introduced it yet. I’d love to see it introduced in the iPad. It’s not technologically complicated, but will make using the tablet way more convenient.

Amazon Fire HD 8 has a completely new look. If in portrait mode, it’s wider than its predecessor. You may assume it’s because of a new display with a different aspect ratio. The fact is that the display is the same (and not so good) as in the 2018 generation – 1280 × 800 px, with 189 pixel density.

A different look is a result of redesigning the bezel. In a previous generation the sides were narrow, while the top and bottom were larger. In the new model the bezel’s width is roughly the same around the display.

The reason is simple: the front camera was moved from top side in portrait mode to top side in horizontal mode. This single design decision significantly changes the way you’ll use the tablet.

From now on, it is much easier to make video calls in a horizontal mode. In a vast majority of other tablets the camera position is tailored for portrait view, what affects how others see you when talking on Skype or Zoom with a tablet put in a horizontal mode – the camera is on the side of the screen instead of top.

The horizontal-first view is a natural choice for a tablet range that’s designed for watching or two-hand use. It’s also connected with the wireless charging stand (Fire HD Plus version only) which lets you charge the tablet only in the horizontal position.

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