Why you should not subscribe to Audible Plus just yet

1. There are only 11,000 audiobooks you can listen to.
2. Most Audible bestsellers are not included.

What is Audible Plus?

  • It’s a new subscription audiobook plan, which costs $7.95 per month.
  • It works the same way as Kindle Unlimited – gives unlimited access to eligible content – with no extra cost.
  • Unlike Premium Plus (formerly known as Gold), it doesn’t give credits that you can exchange for top audiobooks.
  • It gives access to 11,000 audiobooks (70,000 hours), audio productions, and podcasts. Most of them are produced by Audible themselves.
  • Audiobooks are not yours forever. You will lose access to them when you cancel the subscription.

What are the main disadvantages of Audible Plus?

1. There are only 11,000 eligible audiobooks

All Audible Plus audiobooks are included in the Plus Catalog. As you will see, they are mostly Audible’s own productions, and there are not too many full-length audiobooks on the list.

Compare it to the rest of Audible content. The store may contain well over 500,000 audio files.

Audiobooks that are not included in the Plus Catalog are a part of Premium Catalog. Plus subscribers will have to buy the separately.

2. Most Audible bestsellers are not included

You can assume that most titles that normally cost over $30, cannot be accessed for free by Plus subscribers.

Take a look at the list of Top Audible Best Sellers and compare it with Top Audible Plus Listens. You can hardly find a Plus-eligible title that’s included on the bestseller list.


Producing an audiobook is not as easy as creating an ebook file. It involves much more time and money. The list of Audible Plus audiobooks will not grow as quickly as Kindle Unlimited.

Therefore, you can:

  1. Go for Audible Plus 30-day free trial and check out how many tiles you would like to listen to.
  2. Cancel Audible Plus before the end of your free trial if you don’t want to pay for the subscription.
  3. Check out Audible Plus catalog from time to time to see if there are any interesting new audiobooks.

Make sure to read more about Audible Plus subscription at our sister site, Ebook Friendly.

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