Which official X Twitter logo should I use?

Official X channels and services use at least six different variants of the new X logo. Which one is the right one?

The X (formerly known as Twitter) logo redesign process looks like being done in a fright or fidgety state – which, by the way, is a definition of the word “twitter” from a slang dictionary from… 1874.

The right words to use today? It’s a total mess, intergalactic chaos, which you can only call MessX.

It took me ten minutes to collect six different X logo variants from official X channels, services, apps, and personalities.

Here are the logos that are used by Elon Musk and official X profile on X, X apps on iOS and Android, official X help pages and – finally – the official X brand toolkit.

Oh, the official X brand toolkit. They say:

💬 Our logo is our most recognizable asset. That’s why we’re so protective of it. Take a moment to think about how you apply it.

Ironic. Why should I take a moment to think how to apply it, if they – on the official brand toolkit page – use two different logos? (see below).

So, which logo should you use, for instance to replace the old (and good) Twitter logo in a row of social media icons on your blog?

I have tested the official X logo from a brand toolkit (the one they provide in png format) and I have to say one thing: don’t use it.

I don’t know what this logo is good for (maybe a visiting card), but it’s definitely not good for the social sharing menu. It’s far too thin, especially when compared to the bold logos of other networks.

But, hey, if X doesn’t care about their logo, why should you. What X is doing to their logo is like saying “Elon Musk” or “Leon Musk” or “Meon Ask” or “Elaine Mass” without really paying much attention.

In other words, use the logo that meets your needs the most.

Which new X (Twitter) logo should I download and use?

You can go for an official logo (download png from here), but it’s waaaaaaaay too thin and too ugly. 

For social media icons, the thicker the logo, the better.

That’s why I recreated the X logo from their iOS app. It’s much better than the png variant from the official brand toolkit, and it also has better angles as well as the thickness.

Click on the images to download them.

X (Twitter) logo – black transparent png

X (Twitter) logo – black on white png

X (Twitter) logo – black on white round png

X (Twitter) logo – white transparent png

X (Twitter) logo – white on black png

X (Twitter) logo – white on black round png

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