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Where is the Return key in the Twitter app for iOS?

1. Tap “123” key in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard.
2. The Return key is located in the bottom-right corner, next to the space bar.

Are you trying to start a new line when composing a tweet in the Twitter app on your iPhone?

You will most probably automatically hit the Backspace key, located exactly where the Enter/Return button is usually displayed.

Where is Return key in Twitter iPhone app

The problem

▸ The default keyboard view in the Twitter app does not include the Return key.

▸ Changing the keyboard from the default one to, for instance, GBoard, does not solve the issue – the Return button is still not there.

▸ There is no setting in the Twitter app that would change the keyboard layout to the iOS default.

▸ This is irritating, especially for those who want to perfectly craft their tweets and make the most use of paragraphs.

Where to find the Return key in Twitter iPhone app?

1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone and tap the Compose button in the bottom-right corner.

2. Tap the “123” key in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard.

3. Find the Return button on the right side of the space bar, right below the Backspace key.

How to find Return key in Twitter app on iPhone

Don’t look for the “⏎” icon that usually represents the Return key. Instead, the key has the text saying “return.” Tapping this key will start a new line.

Note: Don’t worry that tapping the “return” key will send an unfinished tweet. The send/execute command is reserved for the Enter key, which is not present in the Twitter app at all.

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