Will there be Audible Plus deals on Black Friday 2020?

1. A standalone deal on Audible Plus is quite possible.
2. Most probably, you will see the deal on long-term plans.
3. Kindle e-readers may be sold with free Audible Plus as well.

Audible Plus is a new audiobook subscription that costs $7.95 per month and works the same way as Kindle Unlimited.

It gives unlimited access to audiobooks from Plus Catalog, which includes over 11,000 audio publications. Most of them are produced by Audible. The subscription doesn’t give free credits that you can exchange for premium audiobooks.

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Black Friday 2020: what Audible Plus deals to expect

  1. Audible Plus is a brand-new subscription, but it’s possible to see some deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  2. A vast majority of eligible audiobooks is produced by Audible, a company owned by Amazon. Amazon may want to bring the subscription into focus on Black Friday and beyond.
  3. There are only 11 thousand audiobooks. Because of that, many users may cancel the service during the free trial. Amazon may want to offer longer-term plans, with huge price cuts but no free trial.
  4. The most probable Audible Plus deal for Black Friday is a set of long-term subscriptions – 6, 12, and 24 months – with price cuts reaching 40%.
  5. Amazon may also offer free Audible Plus plans bundled with Kindle e-readers the same way as Kindle Unlimited. For the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite, I expect to see the 3-month free plan. For Kindle Oasis, it would be 6 months.

Audible Plus – flash facts

  • Number of eligible books: over 11,000 in Plus catalog
  • Streaming: Yes
  • Free trial: Yes, 30 days
  • Credits: No
  • Owning books forever: No
  • Monthly fee: $7.95

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