18 smart gadgets that are surprisingly useful (2023-24 roundup)

Check out the updated list of cool, unique, smart gadgets that have one thing in common – they are more useful than you think.

Are you looking for the best electronic or electronic-related gadgets that you could use yourself or buy as a gift for a tech lover in your life?

On the web, you can find plenty of lists putting together premium products from Apple, Bose, or Bang & Olufsen that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We took the opposite direction and focused on inexpensive devices full of innovative features that answer emerging consumer needs.

We spent long hours hunting for the newest products across electronics and home appliances categories. If you want to find out what the most gifted gadgets on Amazon are, make sure to explore the Amazon Gift Ideas in Electronics. It’s a set of lists of top 100 products purchased by customers as gifts.

Most of the gadgets included in the following list don’t need a long and complex installation process. They start working – and let you enjoy them – the moment after you take them out of the box.

What are the best gadgets to buy as gifts this year? Here are our picks in the most popular product categories.

Best smart gadgets to buy as gifts

1. Innovative 5-in-1 power bank with AC plug

Charmast 5-in-1 power bank with AC plug - best gadgets for geeks this year
Innovative 5-in-1 10000mAh power bank with AC plug / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best power bank for versatile needs

▸ How many things do you have to actually take with you to be sure your smartphone will never run out of battery? A power adapter, cable(s), and – most probably – a power bank. What about having them all in one smart gadget?

▸ From Charmast comes an innovative battery pack that offers five features in one:

  • 10000mAh smartphone-size power bank,
  • ultra-fast USB-C port for both input and output,
  • LED display with a remaining battery capacity,
  • built-in cables with three plugs: Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB,
  • built-in, foldable, AC plug

▸ The biggest benefit and the most innovative feature is the foldable AC plug. You can plug the power bank directly to the wall socket for fast charging without the need to use any cables. 

▸ This smart little gadget offers pass-through feature. While the power bank sits in the wall, you will be able to recharge the connected devices, so it works like a power strip.

▸ You can charge even five devices at the same time, and three of them using built-in cables. The power bank automatically detects and adjusts charging current for the fastest charging, providing a powerful total of 15W for all connected devices.

▸ This advanced power bank comes in two color variants: Black and White. Each one costs $39.99, but you can hunt for frequent deals, for instance, at the time of writing this post the price is down to $28.99.

Our score: 8.2/10

⇢ Amazon

2. Clever coffee mug warmer and wireless charger in one

Coffee warmer and wireless charger in one - unique gadget for geeks
Smart coffee warmer and wireless charger in one / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best coffee mug warmer

▸ What do you always have with you when you are getting ready to work by the desk? Your smartphone and the next cup of coffee?

▸ This little smart electronic accessory will do wonders: your coffee will always be hot, and your smartphone will be fully charged. It’s one of the coolest electronic gadgets you can find on Amazon.

▸ Offered by Minxue on Amazon, this is a coffee warmer with a wireless charging pad – or a wireless charger with a coffee warmer spot.

▸ Best of all, the warming pad can be also a cooling pad for all the beverages you want to stay cold. Simply press the power button once for cold drinks, or twice for hot drinks.

▸ The wireless pad is on the right and it features a large Qi logo – there is no way you will confuse these two pads. The pad supports all smartphone models that are compatible with Qi wireless power transfer.

▸ This 3-in-1 device – mug warmer / drink cooler / wireless charger – has the list price $88.99. I haven’t recorded any price cuts yet.

⇢ Amazon

3. Weatherproof duo smart plug – works with Alexa and Google Home

Weatherproof duo smart plug for outdoor use - best smart electronic gadgets
Weatherproof duo smart plug for outdoor use – compatible with Alexa and Google Home / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best smart plug for outdoor use

▸ Smart plugs are a way to save energy, and they are best suited for wall outlets that are hard to reach. 

▸ If you have a house, you probably own garden equipment and lighting, pumps, electric grill, etc. You can control these appliances without leaving home every time you want to turn them on or off.

▸ An outdoor plug should be waterproof and withstand any weather conditions. Such is a smart plug from one of the leading brands in the category – Geeni. It’s one of the most gifted smart home gadgets on Amazon.

▸ The plug can connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network. You can operate it with a dedicated Geeni app, but also add it to your smart home system: Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

▸ The plug has a smart design. It hangs on a short cable, so that you can plug your appliances from beneath, which gives an additional layer of rain protection.

▸ The duo smart plug from Geeni costs $27.99, but you can also get a single plug for under $20, and a pack of two single plugs.

⇢ Amazon

4. Tough, vintage-style Bluetooth speaker with flashlight

Robust waterproof premium speaker with light - best gadgets this year
Robust, vintage-style waterproof premium speaker with a built-in light / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best speaker for active users

▸ There are many portable Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, but if you think about giving a gift to someone who loves camping, hiking, or extreme sports, don’t buy them a speaker that’s good for a shower.

▸ Best outdoor speakers should not only be water resistant, but also offer a rugged construction and resist both dirt and shock.

▸ Meet the small beast from Muzen. With IPX-5 waterproof index, the device has a compact size, but comes with a premium speaker that provides a powerful, clear, and nuanced 360 degree stereo sound.

▸ The speaker has a cool vintage look of the classic military-grade devices from the analog era, with a speaker grill, power / Bluetooth switch, and a prominent steel volume knob.

▸ The speaker comes with a hook, so that you can attach it to the backpack or inside a tent. There is also a flashlight that comes with three modes: high beam, low beam, and SOS blinking.

▸ The built-in lithium battery is enough for up to 8 hours of continuous playback.

▸ The speaker from Muzen is designed to be a perfect gift. It comes in a gift box, ready to be given to the music and adventure lover in your life.

▸ This tough heavy-duty speaker is pricey. It costs $109,99, but we’ve seen the price go below $100 already.

⇢ Amazon

5. Magnetic 20W USB-C iPhone wireless power bank with a stand

Anker 633 MagGo wireless charger for iPhone - best gadgets for geeks
Anker 633 MagGo wireless charger for iPhone / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most innovative power bank for iPhone

▸ Do you own the latest iPhone and want to get a cable-free power bank? Take a look at 633 MagGo (Magnetic Battery) from Anker – a renowned producer of power supply accessories.

▸ This compact battery pack is really clever. Two prominent benefits are combined: the wireless charging solution (no need to take cables with you), and a built-in kick-stand that will let you use your iPhone hands-free.

▸ Anker MagGo 633 comes with 10000mAh capacity, 20W power output, and USB-C port. Thanks to that, you can fast-charge your iPhone 13 almost two times.

▸ To start the wireless charging, just snap the power bank onto the back of your iPhone. The perfectly aligned, strong magnets provide stable charging and strong grip. There is no way the Anker MagGo will fall away while you are holding the iPhone in your hand.

▸ A small but solid kickstand will allow you to place the iPhone on a desk at the vertical position. There is no need to take with you an extra stand, if you want to watch a movie or read an ebook, hands-free.

▸ It’s worth keeping in mind that you can charge your iPhone almost 3 times faster if you do it via the USB-C to Lightning cable.

▸ 2 ft (60 cm) USB-C to USB-C cable is included in the box. There are three colors to choose from: Black, White, and Light Blue.

▸ Anker 633 MagGo comes with a 24-month warranty, and costs $79.99 on a regular basis. I haven’t spotted any price deals yet.

⇢ Amazon

6. Tablet pillow stand with adjustable phone arm

Smart pillow stand for tablets smartphones - best gadgets
Innovative tablet pillow stand with a flexible smartphone arm / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most innovative pillow stand

▸ This unique pillow stand will be extremely helpful if you want to use your smartphone and tablet at the same time, for instance, when taking notes during video meetings.

▸ The patented construction includes a flexible arm – a unique feature among tablet pillows. It’s where you can put your smartphone and rotate it by 360 degrees. The arm is a way to place the smartphone exactly at the eye level.

▸ The cozy pillow is the base of the accessory. It’s filled with odorless foam pellets so that it can change its shape to closely fill the contact surface. The pillow’s cover is made of stretchy and breathable Lycra fabric.

▸ You can place your tablet in the base thanks to a special tablet hook. You can adjust the viewing angle by moving the flexible arm up and down.

▸ The price of this pillow stand is currently set at $55, and I expect slight price drops during each major shopping event on Amazon.

Our score: 7.9/10

⇢ Amazon

7. Personal loud safety alarm and strobe light for women

She's Birdie personal electronic alarm strobe light - best gadgets for women
She’s Birdie personal electronic alarm strobe light / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best electronic keychain alarm for women

▸ Many people invest in personal trackers that let you in real time locate your significant other or a family member. The only problem with the trackers is that they can’t prevent a person from being attacked.

▸ Take a look at this personal alarm offered by She’s Birdie. It’s easy to use, non-violent, travel safe, and gives you peace of mind wherever you are.

▸ When in danger, activate the Birdie by pulling the the top ring out of the pin. It will activate the loud siren and flashing strobe light, creating a diversion and forcing the attacker to quit.

▸ The alarm can be used multiple times. It is powered by 2 lithium batteries that can last up to 40 minutes. You can deactivate the alarm by putting the top back into the pin.

▸ Birdie was designed for women by women. Each item is hand-tested. 5% of profits are donated to organizations that support women’s safety and health.

▸ You can choose from five fashionable colors (Aqua, Coral and Indigo among them), making Birdie a great addition to your keychain.

▸ This battery-powered strobe light, alarm, and key chain in one is among the most gifted electronic gadgets on Amazon.

▸ The price is currently set at $29.95, with no known price deals in the recent months.

⇢ Amazon

8. Clever and compact reading light

Smart reading light for glasses - best gadgets for readers
Nachteule reading light can be attached to glasses / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best reading light for versatile needs

▸ A reading light is a great gift idea for anyone who loves reading both electronic and paper books. Even if you have an e-reader with a front light, you will need an extra light if you switch to a good old paperback. 

▸ Most reading lamps come with a clip that lets you attach them to the book. It’s not a good idea because the lamp disturbs page turning. The light should be attached to your head, so that it can enlighten the space you actually look at.

▸ A German brand Nachteule offers a clever book light that got Red Dot Design Award. This patented design cannot be attached to the book or wrapped around your neck book. Just clip it onto your glasses and start reading!

▸ As the light is extremely light (only 9 grams), you can also clip it to earphones or hair accessories. Those who don’t wear glasses can use a slim headband that’s included in the box (which, by the way, is a gift box). 

▸ The soft warm light is perfect for reading, but also any other activity that needs a focused light at short distance. The built-in rechargeable battery is enough to read 200 pages.

▸ Nachteule reading light is one of the coolest gadgets for modern book lovers. Its price is set at $49.99, but currently, you can buy it for $39.99.

⇢ Amazon

9. Hand crank 5-in-1 4000mAh emergency power bank

Hand crank radio alarm power bank - best geek gadgets
Hand crank radio, alarm, power bank, weather alert, and flashlight in one / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best multipurpose power bank & radio

▸ Do you love camping, hiking, or extreme mountain sports? Do you own a recharging tool that you could use even when all your power supply devices are dead? There is a better idea than a high-capacity solar power bank.

▸ Take a look at an IPX4 waterproof emergency device that combines 5 useful features: 

4000mAh power bank – it can be recharged via USB-C cable, solar panel, or – most importantly – hand crank.

SOS alarm – a loud sound is helpful if you want to scare animals or help other find you

AM/FM radio – it comes with a built-in antenna for better reception

weather alert – switch the radio to WB channel for automatic weather alerts in real time

flashlight – you can choose between low and high beam mode. Plus there is a warm-tone reading light on the side.

▸ The solar panel is larger than in comparable emergency devices, but you should not rely on solar recharging entirely. That’s why a hand crank is extremely helpful.

▸ What makes this weather alert radio and charger unique is its ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold it in one hand.

▸ The price of this 5-in-1 emergency electronic tool is $33.99 at the time of writing this post.

⇢ Amazon

10. Personal neck & waist fan with 6000mAh power bank

Heavy-duty personal neck waist fan and power bank - best gadgets for active users
Heavy-duty personal neck & waist fan and 6000mAh power bank in one / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best personal hands-free fan

▸ When it comes to weather conditions, it’s all in your head. Sometimes you don’t need air conditioning working in the entire home to withstand high temperatures. Cooling just your head may do the trick.

▸ Neck fans are a growing product category, but they can be used only around your neck. Is there another cooling gadget that you could also clip to the belt or simply put on a table?

▸ My favorite multipurpose personal fan is offered by Normia Rita. It comes with enhanced shock protection and strong wind. Plus, it doubles as a 6000mAh power bank. This combination makes the fan a really unique piece of electronics.

▸ This fan is bladeless, and comes with a strap, so that you can use it as a regular neck fan. A powerful engine offers 3 levels of wind speed. The highest one is also much higher than in comparable products.

▸ The fan can continuously work for up to 23 hours. You can recharge it using a USB-A or USB-C port. 

▸ Use the back clip to attach the fan to the belt or backpack’s shoulder strap. Use the front clip to hold the shirt.

▸ This powerful and tough personal fan costs $33.99. You can choose from either dark green or orange color variants.

⇢ Amazon

11. Smart, wire free video doorbell with 4-month battery

Smart wire-free video doorbell set - best gadgets for home
Eufy smart wire-free video doorbell set can run 120 days on a single charge / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best smart video doorbell

▸ Video doorbells are a way to increase security outside the house, and better connect with people who visit your home.

▸ A leading brand in smart home doorbells is Ring, but I have chosen for this overview a new kit from eufy, which offers a similar set of features for half the price.

▸ The biggest benefit of the eufy video doorbell is that it doesn’t need cables to work. There is no need to install a connecting cable from a wall outlet. Simply attach the doorbell to the entrance door and turn it on. 

▸ The doorbell is powered by built-in batteries that work in an energy-saving mode. A single charge can last up to 120 days.

▸ The doorbell itself sends the videos to the Wi-Fi hub & chime that you place inside your home. It’s where all the recordings are stored on a microSD card (sold separately). Even if someone removes the doorbell, you will know what has happened.

▸ The device is using artificial intelligence to automatically detect whether or not a human is present. It guarantees you will be notified in real time about important events outside the house.

▸ The eufy doorbell works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistants. Thanks to that, you can see what’s happening directly in your smart home app.

▸ The price of eufy smart doorbell set is $99.99 for a black variant. The white version costs $20 more.

⇢ Amazon

12. Wall outlet extender with night light and outlet shelf

Clever wall outlet extender with shelf night light - best gadgets geeks
Unique 3-side wall output extender with a shelf and automatic night light / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best power strip

▸ With the growing number of electronic devices at home, you may find it hard to recharge them conveniently. Sometimes, a wall outlet is in a perfect place – for instance over the cupboard in a bedroom, but there is only one socket.

▸ An obvious solution is a power strip. There is a better idea than that: a multi-functional wall extender.

▸ We have picked up for this overview an extender from One Beat. This useful gadget is worth taking a look as it includes a few benefits that are still not common.

▸ Let’s start from the core features: 5 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, and 1 USB-C port. All connected with 1800J surge protector, and offering a charging speed optimized for each connected device. 

▸ To save space and avoid overlapping of the chargers, the design features AC outlets on three surfaces: the front and two sides with 45 degree angles. 

▸ When you attach the extender to the outlet, it will adjoin the wall perfectly, making it very stable, no matter how many chargers you plug in.

▸ A very handy feature is a shelf where you can place small devices, such as your smartphone, ear phones, smartwatch, or even a smart speaker. Thanks to the cutouts in the shelf, you will be able to conveniently organize the cables.

▸ Another innovative feature is a smart night light. Thanks to the light detector, it automatically turns on at dusk, and turns off at dawn, providing a calming warm light. You can also turn off and on the light manually.

▸ This wall outlet extender is a great charging station replacement. It regularly costs $26.99, but the price is currently down to $14.99.

⇢ Amazon

13. Voice controlled aromatherapy diffuser & humidifier

Smart diffuser humidifier Alexa Google - best smart home gadgets this year
This essential oil aromatherapy diffuser & humidifier works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best smart home connected oil diffuser

▸ Essential oil diffusers are a way to create spa-like atmosphere at home, and run aromatherapy sessions to reduce the level of stress or create a relaxing mood.

▸ There are lots of affordable diffusers that can be operated manually, but I recommend getting the one that can connect to your smart home system.

▸ This great-looking ultrasonic diffuser and humidifier from Geeni can be wirelessly managed via your smart home app, be it Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

▸ Add this little gadget to your smart home system, and you can start it, for instance, a few minutes before you come home, to enter the space that’s already full of friendly and calming aroma. Or you can set it up instead of the wake up alarm.

▸ The diffuser can be also controlled by voice, and, of course, you can manage it the classic way, using the buttons on the front panel.

▸ The Geeni diffuser comes with 500 ml bin, and there are two mist modes to choose from. Plus, there are unlimited colors you can set up with the dedicated Geeni app, tailoring the therapy to your current mood and goal.

▸ The price for this upgraded smart home diffuser is still affordable. It’s $19.99 at the time of writing the post.

⇢ Amazon

14. Kindle Scribe e-reader with handwriting support

Kindle Scribe 10.2-inch e-paper device for reading and writing - best gadgets for geeks
Revolutionary 10.2-inch Amazon Kindle Scribe e-paper device for reading and writing / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best digital notebook and e-reader

▸ Are you looking for a whole new way to work with documents, make notes and jot quick thoughts? Take a look at the new, powerful Kindle Scribe e-paper device, that’s so much more than a typical e-reader.

▸ Kindle Scribe will most probably change they way you read books, work with academic publications, and review documents. It’s Amazon’s first e-reader that comes with handwriting support.

▸ This 10.2-inch device is sold with a dedicated pen. You can choose either the basic or premium one – both don’t need batteries to operate.

▸ Using the pen, you can annotate documents the way you do on paper. You can also create your own documents, checklists, or journals – and use the Scribe as a classic paper notebook.

▸ All the notes are synced with your Kindle library, which you can also access online, in your browser.

▸ The e-reader sports a USB-C port for fast charging, and a built-in Audible player. It offers up to 12 weeks of battery life. You can choose from three storage variants: 16, 32, and 64 GB.

▸ The regular price for an entry-level variant (16GB of storage and a Basic pen) is $339.99. You can expect price cuts during major shopping seasons.

Our score: 8.3/10

⇢ Amazon

15. Compact waterproof retractable LED lamp

Innovative retractable travel lamp - best gadgets for geeks
Unique retractable travel lamp with adjustable beam direction / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best compact travel lamp

▸ If you are looking for a highly creative gadget that could be used anywhere and in the widest range of possible situations, take a look at this next-generation portable LED lamp from Wynk.

▸ The light offers a slim, fashionable look and is retractable. You can fold it to a compact size by just rolling the elastic strip with LED lamps. Interestingly, the strip can be rolled on both sides. Thanks to that, you can use the light on your wrist or mount it to your bike.

▸ Another innovative feature is a detachable base. Put the light into it, and you have a regular desk lamp with a 100 degree adjustable beam direction.

▸ The light is waterproof (the IPX index is not provided) and offers three light modes: warm white, warm yellow, and flashing/warning. It can be used as a reading light, bike light, or a tent light. The number of possible uses is actually endless.

▸ The Wynk lamp comes with rechargeable lithium battery. You can use it for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

▸ The price of this stylish, enlightening electronic gadget is $19.99. We haven’t recorded any price cuts yet.

⇢ Amazon

16. Portable, high-resolution projector and speaker

Anker Nebula Capsule II projector and speaker - best gadgets
Anker Nebula Capsule II 1280 × 720 px, 200-ANSI-lumen projector and Bluetooth speaker / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best portable projector

▸ From Anker comes the most expensive gift idea in this overview, but it’s worth every penny of its price: Nebula Capsule II mini projector that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

▸ The device has the size of a speaker, but it hides a powerful 1280 × 720 px projector with a cutting-edge DLP technology offering bright 200-ANSI-lumen image.

▸ Nebula can project an image the size of a 100-inch TV set, with a maximum recommended throw distance at 113 inches (290 centimeters). However, I placed the projector behind our bed, with a distance to the other wall at 330 cm, and the image is still bright, although not so crisp. But the benefit is clear: movies fill the entire wall!

▸ Opposite to Nebula Capsule Max (which is $100 cheaper), the Capsule II comes with Android TV 9 system, allowing you to use 5,000 apps. It also has an ultra-fast USB-C port instead of an older DC-in port.

Please note that to watch Netflix, you will have to use the Nebula Manager app. Also, the built-in Chromecast does not support Netflix.

▸ The list price of Nebula Capsule II is $579.99, but there are ongoing price promotions that let you buy it for around $500. It’s still a lot, but on the other hand, imagine it’s a TV set you can take in your bag and watch anywhere.

Our score: 8.0/10

⇢ Amazon

17. Slim magnetic cable organizer

Anker magnetic cable organizer - best gadgets for geeks
Anker magnetic cable organizer can be reused up to 10 times / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best cable organizer

▸ Wireless charging pads are a way to conveniently charge your mobile devices and avoid cable mess. However, these pads are expensive and compatible only with selected devices.

▸ There is another, much cheaper, way to reduce cable mess. You can get a clever organizer that will keep all the cables in order and within the reach of your hand. Reduce the space used by cables, get more space for your gadgets.

▸ Take a look at the magnetic cable holder and organizer from Anker. This slim design is using magnets to keep the cables in place. You can attach MagSafe or iPhone Lighting cables directly, while other cables can be attached using magnetic clips.

▸ You can stick the Anker Magnetic Cable Holder to any flat surface, for instance the desk or bedside table, thanks to the strong adhesive sticks.

▸ You can restick and reuse the holder any time. Simply detach it, wash the adhesive, dry, and stick to another surface. You can change your mind even ten times!

▸ The Anker cable organizer is available in three colors: White, Black, and Navy Blue. It costs $12.99 on a regular basis, but I’ve noticed price cuts already. A 2-pack is available for $29.99.

⇢ Amazon

18. Minimalist alarm clock radio with wireless charger and speaker

Alarm radio clock, wireless charger, speaker, and power adapter - best geek gadgets
Stylish alarm radio clock, wireless charger, speaker, and power adapter in one / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best multipurpose bedside clock

▸ A device that combines several benefits is a must for everyone who wants to keep things organized in a bedroom without taking too much place on a bedside table.

▸ The only question you should ask yourself is about your priorities: an alarm clock, a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charger, a radio, a USB power adapter?

▸ What about all these featured combined into a modern-looking gadget made of premium materials, with a prominent fabric body, and available in five stylish colors?

▸ This alarm radio clock from I-box has the size a bit larger than your smartphone – which you can put on the top to start charging its battery immediately. The charger is compatible with all Qi enabled devices.

▸ Dual-alarm function allows you to set two different wake-up times to ensure you are never late for work. And you can set up your favorite radio station to wake you up.

▸ Plus, you can stream music or play audiobooks using the built-in Bluetooth speaker right from your smartphone. No extra devices or cables needed.

▸ And if you need to charge one more device (probably a smartwatch), the alarm clock comes with one USB port, so you don’t have to keep a separate power adapter by your bed.

▸ The price of this advanced and great-looking alarm radio speaker and wireless speaker is set at $49.99. No price cut was observed so far.

Our score: 8.2/10

⇢ Amazon

Best smart gadgets to buy as gifts this year
Best smart gadgets to buy as gifts this year

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