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How to read Kindle Unlimited ebooks on a Windows computer?

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1. You don’t need an e-reader to read Kindle Unlimited books.
2. Open a browser on your computer, open webpage and start reading.

Kindle Unlimited is a digital subscription from Amazon. It gives access to over 1.5 million ebooks comic books, and magazines.

Many Amazon customers get the subscription as a gift but sometimes they don’t have a dedicated device to start reading.

And they don’t have to.

You can access Kindle Unlimited books directly on your Windows computer (and, in fact, any computer with any operating system).

All you need is an internet browser and an Amazon account.

How to read Kindle Unlimited ebooks on a Windows computer

1. On your computer, open Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser you use.

2. If you already have an active Kindle Unlimited subscription, go to a catalog of eligible books on Amazon and add up to 10 titles to your Kindle account.

3. Open a new tab in your internet browser and type url address: You may be prompted to log in to Amazon again.

4. Click on “Library” button in the top-left corner and choose the book you want to read on your computer.

5. Wait for the book to download. It will automatically open in a reader view.

6. Customize the look of the reader mode (fonts, margins, and background colors) by clicking on “Aa” menu in the top left.

7. Click anywhere on a book page to dismiss the top and bottom bar. Enjoy reading!

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