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I have finally found a perfect Kindle case

Kindle sleeve Rite in the Rain

It’s not a case, but a sleeve. And it’s not even meant for electronic devices.

Every time I was about to buy a Kindle (or a tablet, or a smartphone) I had an urgent need to add a protective case to a shopping basket. A precious device can’t be left without any protection, even for a second, right?

The problem with dedicated cases is that they can be used with just one device. And with prices of Kindles going down with every new model, the case becomes a considerable part of the total cost. The entry-level Kindle costs $49 during a Black Friday or Prime Day sale – the same price level as the original leather case from Amazon.

And then, you have to consider how you use the device. Your smartphone is most vulnerable to damage. You take it everywhere and use hundreds of times a day, in most unexpected situations. Then, there are tablets. You may damage them, especially if you use them for creative work or gaming.

What about e-readers? Reading is one of the safest activities in the world. You are sitting still in a quiet, cozy, and safe place. And if you are afraid of spilling coffee on a display, you can now have a waterproof Kindle.

Do you really need a case for a device you solely use for reading books? Ask yourself a simple question: how many times have I dropped my Kindle?

I have dropped my smartphones a few times. I have never dropped my Kindle or even scratched its screen.

What are the chances you will damage your Kindle when reading? It’s more probable to cause damage when you carry a device from place A to place B. And in such situations, you don’t need a case but a sleeve.

Why a case then? The only reasonable reason is a support for sleep / wake feature. Plus, if you decide to buy a Kindle protection plan, you will have a peace of mind even when you damage your device three times.

On Amazon, you can find dozens of solid Kindle or Kindle compatible sleeves. They were the first options I checked out for my new Kindle Paperwhite 5. But then, I took a deep breath and wrote down my expectations:

  • A zipper sleeve made from a solid, possibly waterproof material.
  • A zipper on three sides that would open a sleeve like a book
  • A sleeve that would be a bit larger than the current model so that I would be able to use it with my next, maybe bigger, e-reader.
  • A sleeve with small pockets, either inside or outside, for essentials, so that I would have everything without the need to take a bigger bag or a backpack.

None of the sleeves made for electronic devices met my needs. I expended my search by looking for notepad covers. And I found the one!

This product was not intended to be used with Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 or any other e-reader – but it serves its purpose brilliantly. It’s the side bound notebook cover from Rite in the Rain (affiliate link).

Waterproof camo sleeve for Kindle

This solid and durable sleeve is made of incredibly tough Cordura fabric that’s water and weather resistant. The pouch closes with a solid, rugged zipper closure. And, as it’s made for paper notebooks, it opens like one.

Inside, there are two large pockets, on the left and right side. Each one will fit the 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite. There are also four pen-size holders, and a pocket for a credit card.

The cover was made to fit 4.75 × 7.5 inch notepads, so it will perfectly fit the Paperwhite – and all 6-inch e-reader with standard proportions.

The Rite in the Rain notebook sleeve is available in the US Amazon in two colors: Black and Tan. I have bought the camo variant in Amazon’s German store. You can also check out the official Rite in the Rain online store for other color and size variants.

I am now using the sleeve for three months and couldn’t be happier. Here are a few photos to let you take a closer look at this uncommon idea for a Kindle compatible sleeve.

Notebook sleeve Kindle compatible
Sleeve compatible with current Kindle models
Rite in the Rain sleeve fits Kindle Paperwhite 5
Rite in the Rain sleeve Kindle compatible

If you still hesitate between a case and sleeve, make sure to check out my quick Kindle case versus sleeve guide.

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