You can no longer use Kindle for Mac app to add own ebooks

1. The app quits when you try to open an ebook downloaded from third-party sources.
2. Files in pdf format are still supported.


Kindle for Mac app was one of the ways to add own ebooks to your Kindle library. Since last year, the app is giving users a headache when they try to add ebooks downloaded from other sources, such as sites with free ebooks from the public domain.

The app is crashing every time it’s trying to prepare an ebook in any format that’s not pdf.

When you open the app again, it will show two generated files instead of one. Clicking on the book cover will make the app crash again.

Long time ago, it was possible to add ebooks in Kindle-compatible formats, such as .mobi or .prc. These times are over, and you should think whether you need Kindle for Mac app at all.

What are the alternatives?

There are two more ways to add own books to your Kindle cloud account:

1. Download and use Send to Kindle for Mac app

After installing the app, you will be able to drag and drop to add the files to the Kindle. You can also use the control-click on the file in the Finder.

I don’t recommend using this method. Amazon may decide to stop developing the app the same way as they did in Kindle for Mac.

2. Send files via email to a dedicated email address

This is a much more reliable option. Amazon will process the file in the cloud, no matter whether this is .mobi or .pdf.

Simply, attach the file you have on your Mac to an email, and send this email to a dedicated address. You don’t have to type anything, neither in a title nor in a body field.

Each device or app that you have connected to your Amazon Kindle address comes with a dedicated email address.

To find an email address connected with your Kindle device:

1. Go to Amazon website » Accounts & Lists » Your Content and Devices.

2. Click on “Devices” in the top navigation bar and select the device you want an email for.

3. Click on the device’s name in the bottom widget.

4. Find an email in the device summary and copy it.

5. Use this email every time you want an own book to add to your Kindle collection.

Keep exploring. Here are other tips and lists for Kindle users:

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