Is iPad Air 5 compatible with my old case?

The 2022 iPad Air 5 is 100% compatible with all cases made for iPad Air 4. Air 5 is incompatible with cases tailored for iPad Air 3 and older models. iPad Air 5 will fit into sleeves made for all previous generations.

The newest iPad Air 5 (2022 release) is already available. Compared to a previous model, it’s a medium-size upgrade. For $599, you get an M1 chip (up to 60% faster performance) and a new front camera with Center Stage.

The wireless variant of iPad Air 5 comes now with ultra-fast 5G connectivity. The USB-C port is up to two times faster than the previous generation.

The 2022 iPad Air is compatible with Apple Pencil 2, Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Smart Folio. You can get it in the official Apple Reseller Store on Amazon.

Will your old case fit the new iPad Air 5? Check out the compatibility lists below.

Apple iPad Air 5 2022 dimensions ports
Dimensions and location of ports, buttons, and speakers are the same in iPad Air 5 and 4. All cases are 100% compatible

iPad Air 5 is 100% compatible with all Air 4 cases

▸ The 2022 iPad Air 5 has identical dimensions as the 2020 Air 4. The body proportions, shape, and curves are the same. Location and size of ports, speakers, and buttons are also the same.

▸ Therefore, all iPad Air 4 cases will perfectly fit iPad Air 5 model.

▸ Even if you won’t find an iPad Air 5 compatibility info on a product page of an iPad Air 4 case, you can be sure it will fit both generations.

▸ On Amazon, there are over 5,000 cases made for iPad Air, and most of them are compatible with the newest 5th-generation model as well.

▸ All sleeves and bags that were compatible with iPad Air 4 will also be compatible with iPad Air 5. Have you ever considered getting a sleeve instead of a case? Here is a handy list iPad Air 5 sleeves.

▸ There are so many options at hand that if you want to be guided which case to buy for your new iPad Air 5, make sure to check out a list of 25+ most reliable iPad Air 5/4 cases.

iPad Air 5 is incompatible with cases made for Air 3 and older models

▸ iPad Air 5 has different dimensions and position of ports and buttons than iPad Air 3. As a result, there is no cross compatibility of the relative cases.

▸ In other words, the case you bought for your iPad Air 3 will not fit iPad Air 5, if it includes a backshell with precise cutouts.

▸ However, if your case is using elastic corner straps to hold the tablet in place, it may work with the 2022 iPad Air 5 model. The 3rd-generation model is by 3 millimeters higher and narrower than the newest model. The straps will adapt.

▸ Such a small size difference will make all sleeves made for iPad Air 3 work great with iPad Air 5. The sleeves for earlier Air models are also compatible with the 2022 5th-generation model.

No matter which case or sleeve you choose, make sure to equip your iPad Air 5 with accessories that will make it even more powerful.

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