Several iPad-ready power banks are on sale right now

100W power bank for iPad and MacBook – now only $99
100W power bank for iPad and MacBook – now only $99 / Image: Amazon

Each of these battery packs, including Baseus and Anker, will charge your iPad more than once. Their prices are down by up to 25%.

If you use your iPad a lot, and would like to have a peace of mind that you can charge it anywhere, you need a suitable power bank.

Power banks that are suitable for iPad are heavier and bigger. It’s because they have to offer a higher capacity.

On the other hand, any iPad-ready power bank can also charge your iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch.

We have put together a list of the best power banks for iPad and iPhone to get this year. These battery packs were offered at regular prices during Black Friday season and before Christmas – but a few models are on sale right now.

The prices are cut by up to 25%. If you plan to invest in a power bank for iPad or iPhone, it’s the best time to do it. With time, especially before summer, the prices will go up.

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Best deals on iPad-ready power banks

Slim wireless 33800mAh 15W power bank is now $35

Slim, wireless, 33800mAh 15W for iPad and iPhone
Slim, wireless, 33800mAh 15W for iPad and iPhone / Image: Amazon

▸ From H H·E·T·P comes the power bank that offers the best value for money.

▸ It features a wireless charging pad, so when it comes to the latest iPhones, you don’t even need a cable. The wireless charging offers 5, 7.5, 10, and maximum 15W power output, and can fast charge most other Qi-enabled devices.

▸ The battery pack offers 5 simultaneous charging outputs. The 25W output/input is performed by USB-C port. 33800mAh is enough to fully recharge your iPhone up to 10 times.

▸ The list price is this feature-packed wireless power bank is $39, but you can currently get it for $34.99.

⇢ Amazon

Compact 20W power bank with built-in cables is 22% off

Compact 20W power bank for iPad - deal on Amazon
Compact 20W power bank for iPad and iPhone – current deal / Image: Amazon

▸ Although offering as much as 32000mAh of electric charge, this external iPhone and iPad compatible battery pack is extremely compact.

▸ The 20W power output delivered via the Type-C port means that the power bank can handle even the most power consuming iPad Pro models that come with 20W power adapters.

▸ The power bank is equipped with as many as 13 safety features including the ones protecting against overcharge, overheat, and short circuit. Thanks to that, the life’s battery is prolonged, and the power bank is more stable. 

▸ The regular price of the power bank is $49, but at the time of updating this overview we see it dropped to $38.99.

⇢ Amazon

Save $20 on Anker PowerCore 40000mAh 30W power bank

Anker PowerCore 40000mAh 30W power bank works with iPad and iPhone
Anker PowerCore 40000mAh 30W power bank for iPad and iPhone costs now only $79.99 / Image: Amazon

▸ From Anker comes the most efficient and versatile battery pack in this overview – the newest Anker 347 PowerCore 40K. It offers 40000mAh capacity, 30W power output, two 2 USB-C, and two USB-A ports.

▸ You can use Anker 347 to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even MacBook Air – four devices at the same time. 

▸ The company claims the PowerCore 40K has enough capacity to fully charge iPhone 13 7.5 times and MacBook Air over 2 or more times.

▸ The regular price is $99.99, but when you purchase it right now, you can save $20, as the deal price is set at $79.99.

⇢ Amazon

100W iPad and MacBook thin tablet power bank is now only $99.99

100W power bank for iPad and MacBook – now only $99
100W power bank for iPad and MacBook – now only $99 / Image: Amazon

▸ From Baseus comes a power bank that’s tailored to charge tablets and laptops. Its main visual point of difference is the ultra-flat design – it’s only 0.7 in (17 mm) thick. Thanks to that, you can easily put it into the MacBook bag or your iPad sleeve.

▸ The capacity of the power bank is “only” 20000mAh, but when it comes to more power-hungry devices, the main factor is not the capacity but power output. And this power bank offers 100W. It means you can charge not only all iPad or iPad Pro models, but also your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

▸ The 20000mAh capacity is also suitable, if you want to take the power bank with you to the plane. As you know, only two power banks with a combined capacity no higher than 27000mAh are allowed on board.

▸ The list price of Baseus iPad-friendly power pack is $130, but the price is currently down to $99.

⇢ Amazon

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