Can’t change the clock font in iOS 16? Here is a quick fix

iOS 16 Lock Screen fix clock style

∙ If you have used a custom image on the Lock Screen on your iPhone, you may not be able to immediately change the clock style in iOS 16.
∙ You will need to add a new Lock Screen view and re-upload your image.

Have you seen a new, bold, and ugly clock font after upgrading your iPhone to iOS 16? Can’t find the option to change it? It may be caused by the fact that you have set up a custom image as a background of the Lock Screen.

i0S 16 clock font change on the Lock Screen – the problem

▸ iOS 16 comes with a new way to customize the Lock Screen. You can customize the clock’s font and color, as well as add widgets. You can have more than one Lock Screen and switch between them.

▸ You can easily change the clock font and color in iOS 16 (here is a step-by-step guide from MacRumours), but it may sometimes not apply to Lock Screens with custom backgrounds.

▸ Once you tap the Customize button and tap the LockScreen, you should see a frame around each customizable element, including the clock. I haven’t seen such a frame around the clock on my iPhone.

▸ Is it because of the picture itself? If it’s too complex or has too much contrast, it may cause the system to arbitrarily force the bold clock to make it visible? I don’t know. The fact is that I was not able to change the clock font to a thinner one on the Lock Screen that I had on my iPhone before upgrading to iOS 16.

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iOS 16: a quick fix to change the Lock Screen clock font

In short, you can create a new Lock Screen view, and reupload the old image. In most cases, this trick will enable you to change the font of the Lock Screen clock.

1. Slide down from the top edge of the display to see the Lock Screen.

2. Tap the bottom of the display to enable Lock Screen customization (image below, on the left), then tap the blue “+” button in the bottom right corner to create a new Lock Screen variant (image below, on the right).

iOS 16 force change clock font on Lock Screen

3. Tap the “Photos” icon in the top bar called “Add New Wallpaper.” (image below, on the left), and then choose the image you want back on your Lock Screen. 

4. Three elements should be shown in thin frames: date, clock, and add widgets. A frame means you can customize the element.

5. Tap the clock’s frame and pick up another font. If you want your old clock style back, tap the second font from the left in the first line (image below, on the right).

iOS 16 Lock Screen fix clock style

You can change the font any time by tapping the bottom part of the display in the Lock Screen, and then the “Customize” button on the bottom.

Photo used in the Lock Screen background: Jessica Furtney, Unsplash.

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