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How to reactivate Kindle Unlimited subscription

1. Go to Kindle Unlimited login page on Amazon.
2. Sign up for a monthly plan or get a personalized deal on a long-term plan.

Kindle Unlimited – things to know

  • Kindle Unlimited is a service provided by Amazon but it needs a separate sign up to activate recurring subscription payments.
  • You use your Amazon credentials to start your Kindle Unlimited.
  • When you cancel your Kindle Unlimited, you don’t delete your Amazon account.
  • You can use the same Amazon account to sign up for Kindle Unlimited again and again.


Many subscription-based digital services don’t provide an option to stop the membership but maintain an account. In other words, if you cancel your subscription, you delete your account. If you’d want to subscribe again, you would need to use different email and login.

Kindle Unlimited works differently:

  • You can start and cancel the subscription as many times as you want.
  • When you subscribe again, all bookmarks and notes are back.
  • As a rule, you are eligible for a free trial only when you subscribe for the first time.
  • In reality, returning Kindle Unlimited customers can grab the deal that is similar to free trial, if not better.

How to reactivate your Kindle Unlimited – step by step

1. Visit Amazon website, and login in with your email and password.

2. Go to Kindle Unlimited sign up page.

3. Select the option you prefer. You can pick up:

  • A monthly plan for $9.99 – available at a regular price $9.99.
  • A long plan (usually 6 months) – available at a reduced price. The price is personalized for you and based on your former Kindle Unlimited activity.

For other ways to save money on reactivating Kindle Unlimited, make sure to visit our sister site Ebook Friendly, where you can find all current Kindle Unlimited deals for new and former subscribers.

Also, make sure to read how to make the most of Kindle Unlimited.

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