How to link Audible and Amazon accounts (quick guide)

1. On a computer, go to Audible website and login with your username.
2. Select Account Details » Merge Now, and follow the steps.

Since Audible is a part of Amazon ecosystem, it’s:

  • Much easier to shop both Kindle and Audible titles on Amazon.
  • Listen to Audible audiobooks directly on Kindle e-readers.
  • Easier to use one login for both services.

The following guide is addressed to current Audible users who want to link their accounts with Amazon.

How to combine Audible and Amazon accounts

1. On your computer, go to Audible website and log in. The login panel now forces users to use Amazon credentials, but you should select “Sign in with a username” link below the orange button.

2. In the top-right corner, mouse over your account info and select “Account Details” from a drop-down menu.

3. At the top of the screen, you will see a panel saying “Connect your Amazon account to Audible.” Click “Merge now” link below the text.

4. Follow a few steps, where you will be asked to provide your Audible password and Amazon credentials.

5. Then, you will be asked to select the card you would like to use as a default payment method for Audible purchases and membership fees.

6. Done! Your Audible and Amazon accounts are combined. Now, you can explore Audible audiobooks and deals directly on Amazon.

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