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How to hide Fleets from Twitter timeline (workaround)

1. Create a list from users you are following.
2. Pin this list to the top.
3. The list appears as a tab in your timeline – without Fleets at the top.

Twitter has just introduced Fleets. They are supposed to be a new way to start conversations and “share momentary thoughts”. So far, the feature was added to Twitter mobile apps.

In reality, Fleets make Twitter look a lot like Instagram. A new feature adds a row of round avatars at the top of your timeline. It’s just another distraction, especially that the fleets created by users so far are no better than regular tweets.

The Fleets bar disappears the moment you start scrolling, but it’s there every time you open the Twitter app in a timeline view. The bar takes too much of the screen space and can be highly irritating for:

  • Users who prefer a linear information flow
  • Users who use Twitter as a source of information rather than a way to create information

Twitter doesn’t provide a way to disable Fleets. You can’t find such option in the settings. It’s a pity. I understand that Twitter wants everyone to start using the Fleets or at least accept them, but leaving no choice is plain wrong.

Are you among those who want to get rid of Fleets? There is a way to do it.

On the left: regular timeline with Fleets. On the right: pinned list in timeline – without Fleets.

How to hide Fleets from Twitter timeline (workaround)

1. Create a new Twitter list and add to it Twitter users you are following – or at least the most interesting ones. Keep the list’s name as short as possible.

2. Pin the list: tap the pin icon on the right side of the list.

3. Go back to the timeline view. At the top, you will see the list as a new tab. Tap it to see the timeline that’s free from the Fleets bar.

From now on, when you open a Twitter app, you should see the list tab instead of home view. However, when you force close the app, it will start from the default view, and you will need to tap the list to get rid of Fleets.

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