How to fix Zapier not sending content to Pinterest

1. Instead of connecting Zapier directly to Pinterest, create a custom RSS feed.
2. Use the feed directly on Pinterest or via other automation platforms.

The problem

From October 2020, Pinterest returns too-many-requests error message to any unapproved app trying to make a call to their API.

If you use Zapier to send content directly to Pinterest, you should test your integration. Go to Zapier » My Apps, find Pinterest on a list of connected accounts, and click the “Test” button.

If you see something like this, you should assume your current Zapier-Pinterest integration is dead.

Don’t bother to send emails to Zapier support because they need to update the way they connect users’ accounts with Pinterest. It’s not your individual problem, it’s the platform’s integration problem.

If you don’t want to wait until Zapier updates the Pinterest integration, you can easily fix the problem.

The solution

In your zaps, replace the Pinterest step with a custom Zapier RSS. You will be able to use this RSS feed:

  • Directly on Pinterest – if your RSS feed links to your claimed domain, you can add the custom RSS created on Zapier to: Pinterest » Settings » Bulk create Pins.
  • Use IFTTT or other automation platforms that support feeds. This method lets you share stuff from around the web and enables you to customize the content.

How to replace Pinterest integration with Zapier RSS

1. Go to a zap using Pinterest integration and find the Pinterest action.

2. In “Choose App & Event” replace Pinterest with “RSS by Zapier.”

3. In “Media URL” field, put the source to the image.

4. In “Media MIME Type” field, type in image/jpeg.

5. Customize “Item Title” (it will be the title of the pin), and “Content” (it will be your pin’s note).

6. In “Feed URL,” give your feed a custom name and copy it.

How to use Zapier RSS to send content to Pinterest

1. Use it directly on Pinterest

Pinterest lets you add feeds to automatically publish stuff on selected boards.

This method has limitations:

  • You have to share content from your claimed domain. Links (both source and image urls) in each item need to link to your domain. The general feed link (in our case it’s “”) doesn’t have to be from your claimed domain.
  • New items will appear on Pinterest within 24 hours. I have tested it: don’t expect the new feed item to be published on Pinterest withing the first few hours.

To add a feed to Pinterest:

  • Go to Pinterest » Settings » Bulk create Pins.
  • Under Auto-publish, add the RSS feed link copied from Zapier.
  • Select the board you want content to appear.
  • If your feed meets Pinterest rules, it will appear on a list.
  • Wait 20 or more hours to see first feed items to appear.

2. Use IFTTT or other platforms that auto-publish content from feeds

Direct feeds on Pinterest are pretty limiting. You can use IFTTT to send stuff from your Zapier RSS feed.

  • You don’t have to limit the content to your claimed domain.
  • You can customize the feed on Zapier to be more creative in how the pins are sent from IFTTT.

Instead of IFTTT, you can use any other automation platform or social media dashboard that supports automatic content creation from feeds.

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