11 best portable power supply appliances to survive without electricity (2023 edition)

Best power supply tools accessories
Best power supply accessories
Best power supply appliances and tools to help you survive without electricity / Images: Amazon

These accessories guarantee that you can recharge your smartphone or laptop even when you don’t have access to the energy network for a longer time.

With more and more devices at home, we need more and more energy. One day you may realize that there are not enough wall power outlets and that one power bank for all your gear is a joke.

Even if you decide to reduce the cost of energy and invest in energy-saving smart home appliances, the big question still remains: what happens if one day there will be a power outage in your area?

And what happens if you are cut off from the electricity network for longer than just a few hours?

The following list includes power supply tools and appliances that will come handy not only in emergency situations, but also for planned off-grid holidays when you can rely only on your own sources of energy.

From high-capacity power banks, to solar panels, to power generators, which solution is most suitable for emergency recharge of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop?

Power supply appliances – things to know

Here are the parameters to take into consideration when choosing a power supply tool:

Capacity – measured in milliampere hours (mAh) – shows the power bank’s maximum charge that can be transferred by a steady current of one milliampere flowing for one hour. The bigger the capacity, the more times you will be able to charge your iPhone.

Power output – measured in watts (W) – shows the power bank’s maximum rate of energy transfer. Laptops need chargers with higher power output. So, even if the power adapter has a high capacity, it may not be able to charge a laptop if it has a low power output.

Power delivery – this is the USB port related specification showing how fast a specific port can be in charging the devices with greater power demand. Usually, the fastest power delivery is provided by USB-C ports.

Output ports – the number and kind of ports used to charge connected devices. Please keep in mind that in some power banks USB-C ports work only one way – to charge the power bank itself. That’s why it’s important to double check if the USB-C port is “two-way,” ”in-out,” or “input-output.”

Input ports – the number and kind of ports used to charge the power bank itself. Some ports in a single power bank can be used for both input and output – but some for input only. You should analyze which port serves which purpose if you want to avoid disappointment.

Pass-through technology – if you find this phrase in the description, it means that the power bank is capable of charging the connected devices while it’s connected to the wall power socket.

Power supply tools – flight information

Power banks use lithium-ion batteries which are liable to catch fire, therefore it is prohibited to put them in the check-in luggage (the luggage you leave at the airport to take to the cargo space of the plane).

However, you can keep two power banks in your carry-on luggage (the small luggage you take with you to the plane’s cabin). Their combined capacity should not exceed 27000mAh.

Best appliances to survive without electricity

1. Compact 20W 32000mAh power bank with built-in cables

Compact 5-port 32000mAh power bank with built-in cables
Compact 5-port power bank with built-in cables / Image: Amazon

▸ Although offering as much as 32000mAh of electric charge, this external battery pack is extremely compact. It measures 5.7 in (14.5 cm) and weighs 15.9 ounces (450 grams).

▸ The biggest benefit of this particular model are two built-in cables that come with three plugs. One cable ends with a Lightning plug for your iPhone. The cable on the other side is equipped with USB-C and micro USB plugs. Thanks to that, you won’t need to take with you any cables – these three plugs are compatible with most mobile devices.

▸ The 20W power output delivered via the Type-C port means that the power bank can handle even the most power consuming tablet models that come with 20W power adapters.

▸ The power bank is equipped with as many as 13 safety features including the ones protecting against overcharge, overheat, and short circuit. Thanks to that, the life’s battery is prolonged and the power bank is more stable. It can perform 400 high-cycle recharge tests, and the battery will still offer the 80% capacity.

▸ The regular price of the power bank is $49, but at the time of updating this overview we see it dropped to $38.

⇢ Amazon

2. Anker PowerHouse 521 power station with 256Wh capacity and 6 output ports

Anker 521 PowerHouse power station - best power supply appliances
Anker PowerHouse 521 power station is designed for 10 years of everyday use / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best budget power station for daily use

▸ If you are looking for a tool that will let you survive days without electricity (be it long power outages or camping holidays), a regular power bank is definitely not enough.

▸ You should explore the category of power stations. They come with several times higher capacity and power output, so you will be able to recharge not only your smartphone and tablet, but also other electronics or kitchen appliances.

▸ One of the best and most trusted power supply brands is Anker. The company offers on Amazon an extremely durable and long-lasting PowerHouse 521 energy station designed for 10 years of everyday use.

▸ The power station comes with 6 ports for most of the needs you may ever have: 2 AC ports, 2 USB-A ports, a fast USB-C port (input & output), and a car outlet.

▸ Anker 521 is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries, a drop-proof unibody structure, and industry-standard electric components for enhanced durability. Plus, it comes with an exclusive 5-year full device warranty.

▸ There is no need to carry an extra light with you. There is a built-in lamp offering warm white light.

▸ The regular price of Anker 521 power station is $249, but if you are a regular Amazon user, you know the company offers frequent price deals.

Our score: 8.4/10

⇢ Amazon

3. Hand crank 5-in-1 emergency power bank

Hand crank 5-in-1 emergency power bank
Hand crank 5-in-1 emergency power bank comes with SOS alarm and 4000mAh power bank / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best tool for emergency situations

▸ Single-purpose power supply accessories are great for emergency situations, but dedicated devices are better. They offer more benefits than just an ability to recharge your gear.

▸ Take a look at an IPX4 waterproof emergency device that combines 5 useful features: 

4000mAh power bank – it can be recharged via USB-C cable, solar panel, or – most importantly – hand crank.

SOS alarm – a loud sound is helpful if you want to scare animals or help other find you

AM/FM radio – it comes with a built-in antenna for better reception

weather alert – switch the radio to WB channel for automatic weather alerts in real time

flashlight – you can choose between low and high beam mode. Plus there is a warm-tone reading light on the side.

▸ The solar panel is larger than in comparable emergency devices, but you should not rely on solar recharging entirely. That’s why a hand crank is extremely helpful.

▸ What makes this weather alert radio and charger unique is its ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold it in one hand.

▸ The price of this 5-in-1 emergency electronic tool is $33.99 at the time of writing this post.

⇢ Amazon

4. Waterproof 100W portable folding solar panel

Waterproof folding 100W solar panel
Waterproof folding 100W solar panel for camping and off-grid living / Image: Amazon

▸ Sometimes, even the highest-capacity power station will run out of energy and will need to be recharged itself. If you plan long off-grid trips, you should be equipped with high-efficiency solar panels.

▸ Luvknit offers an affordable 100W 5V USB & 18V DC solar panel that combines several helpful features.

▸ Covered by monocrystalline silicon solar cells with max 23.7% efficiency, the panel will convert more solar power into usable energy. For instance, under good sunshine, it will recharge the 500Wh power station within 7 hours.

▸ The panels are waterproof. Having IP65 rating, they resist water and dust in even the worst weather conditions. Advanced multi-layered ETFE lamination enhances the cell performance and extends panel lifespan.

▸ This dual-panel design weighs 8.16 pounds and comes with TPE rubber handle so that you can take it easily for your outdoor activities, camping, hiking and off-grid living.

▸ Luvknit comes with USB-A and USB-C output ports, 10 port converters, and a 30-feet charging cable.

▸ The price at the time of updating the post is $159, 20% down from a regular $199.

⇢ Amazon

5. Anker 40000mAh 30W power bank

Anker 40000mAh 30W power bank
Anker 40000mAh 30W power bank with Negative Temperature Coefficient sensors and Trickle Charging Mode / Image: Amazon

▸ From Anker comes the most efficient and versatile battery pack in this overview – the newest Anker 347 PowerCore 40K. It offers 40000mAh capacity, 30W power output, two 2 USB-C, and two USB-A ports.

▸ You can use Anker 347 to charge your smartphone, tablet, earphones, and a smartwatch – four devices at the same time.

▸ The power bank is equipped with Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors for precise temperature monitoring, overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and a fireproof casing for safer charging.

▸ Trickle Charging Mode is designed to provide optimized charging to low-power devices such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories.

▸ The company claims the PowerCore 40K has enough capacity to fully charge MacBook Air two or more times.

▸ There are two color variants to choose from: Black and White. Each one costs $99.99, but you can see occasional price cuts, usually via featured deals during Black Friday or Prime Day.

⇢ Amazon

6. Powerful 60000mAh 22.5W battery pack

Powerful 60000mAh 22.5W battery pack
High-capacity 60000mAh 22.5W battery pack by Romoss / Image: Amazon

▸ With the capacity at 60000mAh, this battery pack beast from Romoss is among the most powerful power banks that are currently offered online.

▸ The producer claims that on average you can use it for three weeks on one charge. You can recharge the power bank with the 9V 2A power adapter in less than 16 hours.

▸ Romoss offers 22.5W power output (enough for even the largest tablet, not mentioning any smartphone) and PD 3.0 fast charging via USB-C port. It can recharge your iPhone twelve times.

▸ Please keep in mind that, while looking pretty slim, this power bank is not lightweight. It weighs 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms).

▸ The red-colored LED display will let you check out the charging status, voltage, and remaining battery level.

▸ The list price is set at $89.99, but you can get it for under $70 pretty often.

⇢ Amazon

7. Extendable 50W solar panel with high output performance

Extendable waterproof 50W solar panel
Waterproof 50W solar panel that can be extended to provide higher power output / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best waterproof solar panel system

▸ Here is another IP65 waterproof solar panel that’s worth taking a look. It is sold by Moolsun and offers 50W power output, making it a convenient solution for most camping life needs.

▸ The panel has a built-in light intensity sensor which can detect the light intensity received. It will help you adjust the direction of the solar panel in order to obtain the best possible angle for charging.

▸ Constructed of high-efficiency solar arrays, the Moolsun panel performs better than standard panels, converting up to 23% of solar power into electricity.

▸ The most important feature is extendability. Using a dedicated XT30 parallel cable you can connect multiple Moolsun panels into a single power delivery tool.

▸ The price of the two-panel set at the time of writing this overview is $75.99, but it’s a limited time deal, so you can expect it to go up to $89.99 soon. The four-panel set costs $179.99.

Our score: 8.0/10

⇢ Amazon

8. 6000mAh power bank with personal neck & waist fan 

6000mAh power bank with personal neck waist fan
6000mAh power bank combined with a personal neck and waist fan / Image: Amazon

▸ When I imagine a situation when I’m cut out of electricity, is’t usually a dark and cold room. What about the opposite?

▸ Sometimes you may need to emergency recharge your smartphone when you are outside and when it’s extremely hot.

▸ Neck fans are a growing product category, but they can be used only around your neck. Is there another cooling gadget that you could also clip to the belt or simply put on a table – and could supply energy to wake up your dead cell phone?

▸ My favorite multipurpose personal fan is offered by Normia Rita. It comes with enhanced shock protection and strong wind. Most importantly, it doubles as a 6000mAh power bank. This combination makes the fan a really unique piece of electronics.

▸ This fan is bladeless, and comes with a strap, so that you can use it as a regular neck fan. A powerful engine offers 3 levels of wind speed. The highest one is also much higher than in comparable products.

▸ The fan can continuously work for up to 23 hours. You can recharge it using a USB-A or USB-C port.

▸ This powerful and tough personal fan costs $33.99. You can choose from either dark green or orange color variants.

⇢ Amazon

9. 1024Wh Ecoflow Delta 2 power generator

Ecoflow Delta 2 power generator
Ecoflow Delta 2 power generator can charge almost anything that needs energy / Image: Amazon

▸ From Ecoflow comes the most powerful but also the most expensive power supply tool, and for many users, including me, it’s well above my budget. However, it can be a great reference point for power generators designed for individual use.

▸ With Ecoflow Delta 2 you can power almost anything that needs energy, from a tablet, to a computer, to a mini fridge, to an electric kettle. It’s because Delta 2 sports 1800W output, which is enough for most home appliances.

▸ The generator is built to last six times longer than comparable devices. Its LFP(LiFePO4) battery chemistry makes for a portable power station with a 3000+ cycle life. It is enough for years of daily use.

▸ The power generator is built to work with solar panels. With up to 500W of solar panel input, Delta 2 is a solar generator that can be charged while camping, on an RV trip or off-grid.

▸ The current price is… $899 (yes, I told you).

⇢ Amazon

10. Wireless 36800mAh solar power bank with emergency radio and built-in cables

Wireless solar power bank with radio cables
Wireless solar power bank with emergency radio, built-in cables, and flashlight / Image: Amazon

▸ We generally don’t recommend solar power banks, because their solar capacity is not sufficient to give you a peace of mind that you will have the power supply when you most need it.

▸ However, the power bank from Fokimdo comes with many other features that make it a helpful emergency device no matter how efficient the built-in solar panel is.

▸ This 36800mAh battery pack can charge 5 devices simultaneously. And it comes with two built-in cables: one for Lightning (iPhone) and one 2-way fast-charging USB-C.

▸ Most importantly, the power bank is equipped with wireless charging pad that’s placed on the other side of a solar panel. You will be able to recharge any Qi compatible device without the need to carry a connecting cable.

▸ Another very helpful feature is an FM radio with emergency weather alert mode. Weather radio allows you to receive timely weather warnings, such as hurricanes, fires, and other disasters.

▸ Waterproof and dustproof design, as well as a built-in flashlight are a standard.

▸ All these features are available in a device that has an average price in the solar power bank category – $42.99 at the time of writing this post.

⇢ Amazon

11. Affordable 50000mAh battery pack with USB-C input & output

Affordable 50000mAh battery pack with USB-C input and output
Affordable 50000mAh battery pack with USB-C input and output / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best high-capacity power bank for daily and emergency use

▸ This is one of the most powerful and reliable battery packs that are currently available on the web. It offers 50000mAh capacity which is enough to charge your smartphone even 10 times, or a large tablet three-four times.

▸ There are 4 ports to charge your devices and 3 ports to charge the power bank itself. It’s worth noting that the USB-C port is two-way – you can use it both for energy input and output. 

▸ The fast USB-C output port combined with 18W power output will let you quickly charge not only your phone but also your tablet, even if you have the model that comes with a 20 W power adapter. It will just take a bit more time to fully charge it.

▸ Additionally, the power bank is equipped with an ultra-bright flashlight. There is also a small display showing the battery level – a helpful feature if you want to plan ahead when you should recharge the battery pack.

▸ The power bank is offered on Amazon by Nuxgal. The company offers a free replacement of the product if you encounter any problems, plus there is an 18-month warranty.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is $52, but it will go up to $56 after the limited-time offer ends.

Our score: 8.3/10

⇢ Amazon

Best power supply accessories on Amazon

If you want to learn more about items listed in this overview and check out their current prices, make sure to explore our list of best power supply accessories on Amazon.

Best power supply tools accessories
Best power supply tools and accessories – a recommendation list on Amazon

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