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Zapier: it’s time to reconnect your Pinterest account

1. Zapier has just updated the Pinterest authentication method.
2. Reconnect your Pinterest account to make it work with your current zaps.
3. Test all your zaps with the new Pinterest integration.


  • Some Zapier users have been recently experiencing issues with Pinterest integration.
  • The main reason was on the Zapier side: the service was slow in updating the authentication method to Pinterest’s new API.
  • Opposite to other services, Zapier doesn’t properly inform users about Pinterest issues and changes.
  • I have reported Pinterest-Zapier integration issue two weeks ago, with no answer so far.
  • Zapier has finally updated the authentication method – but no official call for update has been sent to users.

Things to do

If you are using Pinterest integration in any of your zaps, make sure to:

1. Go to Zapier dashboard » My Apps » Pinterest. You will notice that the app integration panel has a new look. Click on Pinterest panel and select “Reconnect” from the drop-down menu.

2. Open any zap that’s using Pinterest step and test this step.

3. Go to Pinterest dashboard » Settings » Apps. Find an old Zapier integration (the one with the earlier approval date). Click on “Revoke Access” button – you don’t need this integration any longer.

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