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What Kindle Oasis price to expect on Black Friday 2020?

1. The price of the latest-generation Oasis may be cut by $50.
2. You may expect a free Kindle Unlimited or Audible Plus subscription bundled with the device.

In the entire history of shopping events, the Oasis was offered for a reduced price only once. It happened in 2017, and it applied only to the most expensive version with cellular connectivity. The deal was symbolic – 14% off the list price.

And then came Prime Day 2020. The price of the latest-generation Kindle Oasis was cut by as much as $75, so you could get this 7-inch device for only $175.

Would the same Kindle Oasis 3 price be offered during Black Friday 2020 event on Amazon? It’s possible, but I rather expect to see the deal price set at $199.99, compared to the regular price of $249.99.

On Prime Day the money not earned on devices is balanced with the money earned on new Prime subscriptions. This factor is out on Black Friday. Plus, giving the Oasis the full deal mode would highly decrease the value of this top-end model.

Opposite to the basic Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite 4, I expect the price of Kindle Oasis 3 to be a bit higher than on Prime Day. Plus, there would be more attractive Kindle Unlimited and Audible Plus free plans.

What may be the big thing this Black Friday is extra benefits that come with Kindle models. One obvious pick is a free Kindle Unlimited – I expect the 6-month subscription to be bundled with Kindle Oasis 3.

I hope Amazon will go one more step further with free subscriptions and offer Kindle models with a free Audible Plus subscription plan – instead of Kindle Unlimited or as an option.

Audible Plus is an affordable audiobook subscription which lets you access, stream and download original audio productions, popular podcasts, documentaries, and full-length audiobooks.

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