What iPad accessories do I really need?

What iPad accessory do I need
What iPad accessory do I need

1. Don’t buy popular accessories – maybe you don’t need them.
2. Try to look for accessories that answer your specific needs.
3. Pick up something that you would use not only with the current iPad model.

A protective case is a necessary add-on and most users buy it together with a new iPad.

Before you start looking for extra accessories, think about which features your case doesn’t have. It may turn out a more advanced case would meet the rest of your expectations. Here is a versatile list of the best iPad covers, with examples for each current model.

Do you still need an extra accessory? Are you sure you are going to use an Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard? They are the most popular iPad accessories but it doesn’t mean they will be suitable for you.

What iPad accessories you need – define your needs

▸ Do you use your iPad for common tasks, such as writing social media posts or emails, reading ebooks, playing games, or watching movies? » A stand case with horizontal and vertical angles is enough.

▸ Do you want to have a better control over the position and angle of your iPad? » Consider getting a stand with adjustable height.

▸ Do you use your iPad on a sofa or in a bed? » You need a stand that is more stable than a tri-fold case or a foldable desktop stand. Consider getting a pillow stand.

▸ Do you want to protect your iPad only when carrying it? » Consider getting a sleeve instead of a case.

▸ Do you want to use your iPad as a good old notebook, with all the benefits of handwriting? » You need an Apple Pencil or a third-party stylus.

▸ Do you type a lot on your iPad? Do you find typing on a screen ineffective, too distracting, and too disappointing? » You need an extra keyboard. There are two options to choose from: a keyboard case or a standalone keyboard.

▸ Do you already have too many accessories and peripherals that you need to recharge separately? » You need a keyboard case that connects with your iPad via the Smart Connector.

▸ Do you type a lot but also watch a lot? A keyboard case may be a problem when watching. You may go for a detachable keyboard, but the containing case is still much bulkier than a tri-fold cover. » A standalone keyboard is a better option than a keyboard case.

▸ Do you want to use a keyboard with more than one device? » Go for a standalone keyboard instead of a keyboard case.

▸ Do you need a better control over the cursor? Is using a finger too inaccurate? » You need a touchpad. There are two options to consider: you can get a case with a keyboard that includes a touchpad, or you can get a standalone touchpad.

▸ Does cursor inaccuracy disappoint you more than typing inaccuracy? » You probably need an iPad compatible mouse.

▸ Do you already have a few accessories that you need at all times? » An organizer iPad bag is the best option for you.

▸ Do you have several mobile devices, and you need a better control over how to charge them? » A charging station is a must-have accessory.

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